When you’re blessed with a newly born child, having a dream nursery makes everything that little bit more special. Then think about nursery furniture – a delightful cot bed to rest baby’s lovely head, a chest of drawers for storing those essential nappies and blankets, or even a wardrobe for those dainty clothes?
But how does one go about choosing which are the best nursery furniture sets, especially when there is so much choice?
One suggestion is to look online at a specialist nursery furniture set store such as Funique – because in you can find the widest choice, the best inspiration, and the nicest designs all in one place. Better still, due to being an online nursery furniture set supplier, overheads are less which often means lower prices for customers!

How to choose which are the best nursery furniture sets for you?

As the wide choice of nursery furniture sets available online may seem overwhelming at first glance, it helps to think of some criteria to narrow down the choices.
How many pieces?
Perhaps easiest to start with is how many pieces of nursery furniture are you looking for? Nursery furniture sets are usually sold in 2 piece (cot bed and chest of drawers) or 3 piece (cot bed, chest of drawers and wardrobe).
Depending on space in your nursery, you may only need a cot bed and chest of drawers, so by filtering your choices to 2 piece nursery furniture sets you will only see a smaller choice than everything that may be available. This way is often less frustrating, in addition to being easier to budget for!
However, if you’re looking for a wardrobe too, then only look at three piece nursery furniture sets. Again, you’ll only see the suitable options available for you when filtering, which will help you make up your mind easier.
Traditionally, many nursery furniture sets are white, but modern tastes have influenced nurseries and grey is a very popular colour for nursery furniture now. By filtering by either grey or white, it’s far easier to only see the sets that match the look of your nursery.
Believe it or not, just like any other furniture, nursery sets are available in a wide choice of designs and styles. You may prefer the traditional look for your cot, or choose one of the more contemporary looks that match function with sleek design.
One final consideration often overlooked in choosing nursery furniture sets is if the set can be readily customised. For example, some chest of drawers are available with an extra drawer or a changing surface. Convertible shelving units and soft close drawer units are also popular.

Conclusion: the best nursery furniture sets are probably online

Although everybody’s needs are different, it helps to look online for nursery furniture sets as it’s not just convenient, but also comprehensive. With a wide range of colours, customisation, styles and number of pieces, online nursery furniture specialists are a terrific place to start your search and be inspired.

Who knows, you may even find exactly what you’re looking for – and at the lowest prices – so why not check one out today?