Sleep is an important activity that you need to have enough of every day to be able to properly function. This is the time when your body repairs, re-energizes, and revives for the next day. Having good sleep quality is very useful to improve your overall health naturally. One thing many people don’t know contributes to this quality of sleep is the color of your room.

The colors of your bedroom may affect the quality and also the amount of sleep. Some colors are going to affect your mood, so this is a very important decision. Before you choose the right color for your bedroom, you can take a look at some of these recommended colors that are good for a healthy sleeping habit.

Best Bedroom Colors for Sleep


Blue is the best color for helping you get the best sleep experience. The blue color is very calming, which helps with relaxation in your bedroom. Your eyes have special receptors, called ganglion cells in the retinas. These cells can make your brain very receptive to certain colors, especially blue. Many people also wake up with a happy feeling when they sleep in a blue bedroom. Light blue will be very relaxing for most people.


If you are looking for a good color for your bedroom, you can take a look at this option. The color green usually represents nature and organic things. When you sleep in a bedroom with green walls, you are going to wake up with an upbeat and positive feeling. The natural green color is commonly linked to positive energy, marriage, love, and reputation. It can create a calming and relaxing sleeping experience for most people.


This color is suitable for people who love a warm atmosphere. This color can also relax all of your muscles in your body. We always recommend our clients to use a natural version of this orange color. For example, we can go with the clay orange or terracotta with a brown undertone. This natural orange color has a better effect on our body than the Crayola orange color. You will enjoy a good night’s rest by sleeping with this orange color.


This is another unique color that you can choose for your bedroom. This color option is suitable for you who don’t want to have a lot of color options in your bedroom. If you are looking for a neutral color for your bedroom, silver will be the best option for you. Many people claim that they can get a peaceful sleep and rest when they are sleeping in a bedroom with silver color. Silver is also suitable for any bedroom with an elegant style or design.


If you are looking for a comforting color for your bedroom, pink may be for you! A soft muted pink color will be a good choice for any bedroom as this color will be very comforting for most people. It is recommended for you to avoid using a hot pink color because it is too close to the red color family (which is a notoriously aggressive color and a bad choice for bedroom walls). The soft pink color can make you feel comfortable when sleeping in your bedroom.

Those are some of the best colors for your bedrooms. When you use any of those colors, you are going to feel comfortable sleeping in your bedroom and wake up with more energy. You can consult with professional interior designers when you want to choose the right paint color for your bedroom. Happy painting!