Want to transform dull concrete floor into a work of art? By using decorative concrete for interiors, you’ll not only have an aesthetically appealing floor, but also enjoy huge savings.

Here are five simple reasons why decorative concrete stands out from other conventional flooring options.

1. Decorative concrete comes with design flexibility

You can have your concrete floor custom-made, which means there’s no limit to the pattern, design, and color you can choose for your floor. Talk to your concrete applicator about theconcrete flooring options they can best recommend for your home.

There’s no need to limit yourself to locally available materials. You can actually ask your concrete flooring provider to duplicate the look of the floors you love. For instance, you can have a concrete floor inspired by the veined marble you see at hotels, or by the ancient stones found in a castle in Europe.

2. It is inexpensive to install

When you opt to use natural stone for your floors, many factors can drive up the cost. Availability is one. Another is if you go for the rarest colors as those will cost more, especially in a large area.

Real stone does look good, but incorporating it into your floors can limit your design and be expensive.

With decorative concrete, you get the beauty of natural stone in an extensive range of designs and patterns at a cost effective price. It’s durable and resistant to most damage, without being too expensive to install.

You get quick and hassle-free installation

By overlaying concrete, you can restore damaged and distressed concrete slabs. This, in turn, will save you time and money on replacement and demolition.

You no longer need to haul away or break up old concrete and use cement trucks or jackhammers. Resurfacing through decorative concrete instead of replacing can save you thousands, not to mention reduce the amount of time spent being disrupted.

3. It is low maintenance

Besides being low-cost on installation, decorative concrete only requires low maintenance. This eliminates the significant cost of labor and materials that would normally come with covering carpeted, hardwood, and vinyl floors. Moreover, there are many coating options you can pick to seal your decorative concrete floor.

Provided you use a quality concrete sealer, you don’t have to worry about stains destroying or warping your concrete flooring. In fact, the only work necessary to maintain concrete is to keep it clean by mopping, sweeping or vacuuming and occasionally resealing every three to five years depending on the type of sealer used

4. It is durable

Whether located indoors or in your backyard, a concrete floor is the most durable and affordable option. You get a tough floor that withstands temperatures and extreme weather conditions. Sturdy, sealed decorative concrete finishes can also resist chipping, fading, moisture, stains and peeling.

Another great advantage of having a concrete floor is that it doesn’t trap mildew, mold, dust mites, allergens, or bacteria. This makes your home safer for you and your loved ones.

Not prone to scratches

Compared to vinyl and hardwood floors, concrete is not prone to scratches. When you have a decorative concrete floor with great quality, it will be difficult to scratch, even with high foot traffic and everyday use. There’s a reason why concrete is commonly used as a sub-floor; it stands the test of time even if your hardwood or carpets have seen their demise.

5. It is eco-friendly

Using concrete flooring is a green solution to today’s material wastage. Most homes already have a concrete subfloor to hold a flooring material. So rather than installing another material over the concrete floor, you can choose to treat or stain it in your desired color and pattern. Then, have it sealed once done.

Over the long term, having a decorative concrete floor installed in your home prevents the wastage and deterioration experienced with typical flooring materials such as wood and carpet, which have a shorter lifespan. Concrete is incredibly durable and won’t end up in landfill. This not only makes for an attractive floor, but is also a valuable contribution to the well-being of Mother Earth.

Concrete is recyclable

When you demolish a concrete floor, the shattered pieces don’t necessarily go to a landfill. Rather, these are broken down into pieces to be used in various installations on commercial grade ground. Smaller pieces can be repurposed as a sub-base for gravel road or in residential construction. On the other hand, larger pieces can be reused to combat shore erosion.

You may also have different recycled materials incorporated into your concrete floors. One type of decorative concrete involves incorporating fragments of shell, beads, decorative glass or other tiny recycled items. Polished back, this results in a spectacular effect. This will help add a touch of your distinct, quirky personality to your chosen concrete design.

6. It is energy-efficient

Concrete floors are incredibly stable and tend to maintain a consistent temperature. Concrete can be poured around heating pipes which then provide a luxurious, warm environment during winter at a minimal cost. Internal concrete tends to be very cool in summer due to the length of time it takes to adjust its temperature.

Because of its thermal mass properties, it can reduce the load on air-conditioning and heating equipment by moderating your indoor temperatures. The energy efficiency of concrete makes it the most popular choice for commercial and even residential properties.

There is much to love about decorative concrete. So why not take advantage of the beauty and benefits that come with it by installing it in your home’s flooring? If you choose to invest in a decorative concrete floor now, you get to save time and money in the future on maintenance, repairs and replacements.