Do you want to have a bathroom that looks and feels like a high-end spa? Read this post and we’ll let you know how to do it. These are easy design hacks, including those that do not need to cost a fortune but effective in making your space luxurious!

Install a Bathtub

 If space and budget permit, adding an elegant acrylic freestanding bathtub will instantly give your bathroom a spa-like appeal.

Change the Sink

Aside from a bathtub, sinks will also be great statement pieces for a bathroom that mimics a well-appointed spa. Freestanding sinks will perfectly match a freestanding bathtub! If you are looking for the best sinks to add in your bathroom, visit

Change your Showerhead 

In one article from Vogue, the author suggests that one of the cheapest ways to make your bathroom look like a luxury spa is to switch out your old showerhead and replace it with a rain showerhead. This will make you feel like you are in a spa shower every time. This is one of the most economical upgrades you should not miss!

Bring Nature Indoors

Transform your bathroom into a spa by adding elements of nature. An easy way to do this is to add houseplants. They purify the air while also adding a decorative touch. Potted orchids and succulents are some of the best choices. You can also add bamboo.

Choose Colors Wisely

Whether it is for the tiles, fixture, or accent pieces, choosing the right colors is critical in making your bathroom look like a spa. Go for warm and calming color. Bright colors can make the place look beaming with energy instead of being relaxing. Beige, light blue, and white are some of the best colors to incorporate.

Pick the Right Light

Lighting is crucial if you want to make your bathroom your personal spa. Avoid lights that are too bright and those that generate too much heat. Dimmable lights are great because they add a more relaxing mood to the bathroom.

Ditch the Old Towels

Thick, fluffy, and fancy towels will make a great addition to the bathroom if you want it to look like a five-star spa. Egyptian cotton is one of the best materials you might want to consider. Go for white as it looks more elegant. Add matching bathrobes.


Perhaps, the most important is to get rid of the clutter. No need to buy fancy décor or expensive fixture. All that you need to do is to organize your stuff in the bathroom. Get rid of the non-essentials or hide them in cabinets. When there is no clutter, the bathroom will look more relaxing rather than being an eyesore.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to transform your bathroom into a five-star spa. With little iterations, you can instantly make it look more luxurious and feel more relaxing!