Choosing A Rug

Rugs form an important part of any tasteful home decor. When placed perfectly, they anchor the home in good light and when not done properly they can ruin the look and feel of your home. Most of the people make mistakes while choosing or placing the rugs. Not everybody is an interior decorator or a person born with creativity so it’s natural to make mistakes. Well, we do not want you to make such mistakes and ruin the look of your beautiful house. So, here we are discussing the common mistakes you should avoid when buying and placing rugs.

Choosing the wrong sized rugs

Buying a wrong sized rug is one of the most common mistakes. Most of the people go and buy a rug that looks beautiful to their eyes. They don’t bother to think that size is as important as the design and colors of the rug. You should avoid this mistake. Whether you visit an offline store or order your rugs online, don’t forget to check the size of the rug. The best way is to measure the size of the floor area where you wish to place your rug and buy it accordingly. If you have to place your rug in the living room, it should be big enough so that the front end of your furniture comes on it. And if you are planning to use rugs in your bedroom, it should extend about two feet beyond the bed so that you step on the rug while getting down from the bed.

Buying the rugs last thing for the decor

Most people buy their furniture, throw pillows, wall decors and everything that goes in the room before even thinking of the rugs. When you have bought everything else, you’ll not easily get a rug that perfectly goes with the decor of your room. If you want your home to look like a place decorated by the professional interior decorator, you should start with rugs. Buy some decorative oriental rugs of your choice and then start getting throw pillows, curtains, and other accessories for your room. If you have already done this mistake, then you should buy a neutral rug temporarily and keep looking for the piece that goes best with your existing theme.

Ignoring the importance of rug pads and rug liners

This again is a common mistake. People will buy an awesome and costly rug but become thrifty when it’s the time to pair it with a rug pad or a rug liner. Your rug will slip from its place and may cause minor accidents. Pets, children, and elderly people are more prone to slip and fall if a rug is not secured with pad or liner. If you don’t secure your rug, you’ll need to rearrange it multiple times a day, especially when you are expecting visitors or guests. If you have a hardwood floor, then please avoid rug tapes as they can ruin your flooring with their stickiness. Rug pads are the best option as they enhance the comfort of the rug in addition to securing it to its place.

Hope you won’t repeat these common mistakes and decorate your home with rugs in the most beautiful manner.