Curtains are mainly used to obstruct light,  water or drafts to get inside the house or the office buildings. The curtain is available in different shapes and sizes. The material and the color combination are varied and are found in various patterns. The types of curtains depend upon the cleanliness or noise absorption. Curtains are majorly responsible for obstructing sunlight, and dust entering into the living space and bring in privacy.  You can say that curtain is a form of window treatment and is the excellent way to complete the overall appearance of the house. This further helps to control the total ambience and the flow of natural light. The effect of curtains is mostly visible during daylight and if the room has proper positioning of indoor light, then it will look attractive. However, amidst the various types of curtains, the most popular are air curtains that have wide commercial purpose.

Main Features of Air Curtains

  • The curtains are classified according to their use. It has a commercial profitability. As air curtains are transparent they help in attracting customers resulting in increase in sales. As air curtains replace doors, they increase the usable space especially on entrances. The curtain is beneficial in terms of maintaining a healthy and adequate environment. It also serves as a barrier against airborne dust, fumes, bad odors as well as pollution.
  • The curtains really help to save energy in a conditioned space. It also helps in balancing the temperature and the emissions of carbon dioxide.
  • As they are not any hard material, it helps avoid collisions. In case of emergency evacuation, they are easy to maneuver.

Benefits of Light Curtain Fabric

  • Curtains are considered as add ons that complete the decor of the house. It is essential to select the fabric of the curtain. The material of the curtain should fit into the style of the room and complement the furniture.
  • There are some rooms that require heavy curtains but there are few that need light curtains. The advantage of curtain highly depends upon the fabric.
  •  You can choose a silk curtain that is always counted as the best in comparison to any other fabric.
  • The other choice is linen as it greatly suits insulation of heat as well as cools the room. Linen is basically a lightweight and soft fabric that suits the decor of the room in a subtle way.
  •  The polyester fabric has practical benefits as they are very easy to clean. They have crafted in such a way that the removal of stains becomes very easy .it is also durable, and the best part is that it is not very expensive.

Nowadays the choice of curtains is so wide that it becomes difficult to choose the best one for your house. The best way to select is to decide the purpose of the curtain that it is expected to serve. It must have an aesthetic as well as the practical value because it is the most important feature of any house. The curtains will either block the light or delicately filter light inside the room.