The living room is how you present your home to the outside world. At the same time, it must be functional for your benefit, comfortable as you are spending most of the time with your family there and decorative to make your guests fall in love with it. Regardless of the style, you chose when you had your interior design created; there are certain decorative elements that must be part of the complete living room experience. These have not only got decorative value but are also functional items.

Here are the top 8 decorative elements you must have.

Fluffy Cushions and a Wool-Knitted Blanket

Nothing screams more comfort that a couple of fluffy, soft cushions and a warm blanket. They can be used to keep yourself or your kids warm in chilly nights while you are watching your favourite TV program. On the ether hand, they increase the aesthetic appeal of the room, creating a welcoming and cosy atmosphere.

A Family Photo Frame

Even though it shows a personal and intimate moment, the family photo frame is a unique decorative element that shows the values of one family. You can choose a proud moment that all of the family members are captured in and using appropriate style according to the concept of the room, hang it on the wall. It would be even better if you place an accent lighting fixture above it and have it illuminated.

A Coffee Table

Be it round, rectangular or in an asymmetrical shape, the coffee table must be present. Placed in from of the seating arrangement in the living room, the coffee table is the perfect spot for casual gatherings of friends who enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. If it could talk, imagine how many secrets it will spill.

A Rug or Small Size Carpet

A modern, chic and much more functional solution for the floor is the rug or the small-sized carpet. Avoid the old-fashioned large sized carpets because they are harder to clean and keep them tidy. The rug can be easily washed, vacuum-cleaned, and if you happen to make a mess, you can remove it on your own and take care of it individually.

An Inspirational Quote

Big or small, as a wallpaper or in a photo frame, regardless. Put your favourite inspirational quote by your favourite writer, poet or idol, in front of the eyes of your family and guests and inspire them on a daily basis. In days when you are feeling low, you will be reminded that you need to keep fighting to get to your final destination.

A Vase of Flowers or Luscious Greenery

Bring some life in the living room. The best way to do it is with a couple of fresh flowers in a vase. However, their freshness will only last for a day or two. If you want an extended solution, then choose an indoor plant that will bring luscious greenery in your home. You can go for succulents, lilies or any other type that is easily maintained.

A Tray with Candy or Sweets

Delicious, trendy and urban. A tray made according to the style of the interior design will add an extra flair to the homey feel of the room. Plus, it is a great conversational starter for your guests, to try your homemade cookies or the best type of sweets you have ever bought.

Bookshelves with Books

In the era of technology, hard copy books seem to be falling into the abyss of oblivion. Unfortunately, a small number of homes offer such delights. The large library shelves are not even in question anymore. However, having some racks full of books, let’s say about 20 is simply a must. Your guests will be able to see what are your interests and bond closer over familiar topic with you.

The Bottom Line

All of these decorative elements are a popular choice of interior designers. In fact, they are all part of the staging room when the house is being put on the market as they immediately raise the appeal of the room for the potential buyers. This only confirms that what you need to do right now is go and shop for these items right away.