From bingeing with cheesy movies from Netflix, playing board games with your favorite people and chatting with your inner circle happens in the living room. And because most of your lounging is spent there, having fun, yet stylish and creative living room might be one of your major reason for redesigning and for this you should consult with A+ Construction & Remodeling.

A well-planned living room falls somewhere between modern house plans and other model homes restructuring which can be a difficult task but these perfect styles can have more enjoyment of the are and when it comes to selling the place. Real estate agents or these professionals spend a lot of time in their living rooms.

Interior living room trends 2020 are way beyond just decorating your home. This remodeling is tailored for people whose imaginations can create aesthetic ambiance out of nothing. Nevertheless, the practicality and the functionality of the main subjects of the living room ideas in 2020.

While choosing a modern style, you should consider the space and light a lot. Opt for a window that is wide and tall. With a perfect lighting system or even great use of natural light, those elements bring brightness to the living room.

Today, we will bring you closer to that perfectly-balanced living room. We have talked to a few real estate agents about the trends they love the most, and here are their favorites for 2020:

  1. Varied boho-chic style

Do you ever think about getting a matchy-matchy in your living room? It’s not unusual. According to Samira Tapia, a realtor and experienced real estate investor, the boho-chic trend is an excellent idea for a living room. You can mix and match your décor components in your room as you please. Boho-chic gives you a cohesive feel but bolder and it has a similar effect on the people in them as well. Since nothing in the room is perfect by arrangement and its design, you can lounge in it, she says.

  1. Minimalism

Minimalism is always at its trend and it is not going anywhere.  But the good news is that you don’t have to dwell on all your possessions or design with your personality to make it happen. Kate Meier of Corcoran in New York City claims that minimalism is comprised of the clean lines and the use of white and or neutral colors highlighted with colorful or grand designs. Amongst all styles, minimalism living room is easier to execute for its simplicity and fewer items to redecorate.  This style creates a feeling of intimate warmth and at home ambiance which allows color-thru art crafts, a perfectly designed shelf, that keeps a peaceful vibe.

  1. Cool and comfortable living room

Nothing beats a living room that is made for lounging and the coolest place to stay. Deborah Ribner of Warburg Realty states that a living room is more inviting when furniture and décor like plush couches and adding jewel tones of refreshing teal and blue. You can show off your fluffy faux-fur pillows and blankets, and crafty coffee tables and other wood surfaces, marble or even natural materials.

  1. Hi-Tech Living room design

The hi-tech style is different from the above-mentioned setting. Today, modern houses have more touch of  Scandinavian style and have a developed version of the early ages’ trends. And these past trends are way back in the 1600s. The hi-tech living room has this light feel to the room. Use of neutral color and shades are the main impression of the hi-tech living room. While it has no personality and mood in this interior, it is compensated with more expensive materials and features.

  1. Techno Living Room

Techno style living room is filled with a complex interior feature that has too many details and is often thought of as confusing and unique. Its decorations are usually made of glass, metal and plastic interiors that show as a bright alternative of living room trends style.  Very often, you will see a futuristic lamp or lighting as part of the techno living room.


There are many remodeling ideas that we can find for our living room and these five are among them that we have already mentioned. The art of applying colors and fancy materials is a powerful trend that when combined can give us a peaceful and spectacular result to our living room. Bring 2020 full of inspiration and in the features with trends that have a strong impression upon the interior designing industry. Let the sparkle of the 70s style in combination with the luxurious technology, velvet softness, and use of colors from the  80s bring nostalgic hint with those artistic impressions evolve. And as a conclusion, aa fun and colorful collaboration with minimalism and techno-room style give a fresh touch to finish your trendy room journey and finally relax among the natural elements in your living room.