Wanting to update your home, but don’t know where to start? Stone fireplaces are often overlooked as having the potential to create stylish focal points. However, stone fireplace projects can seem overwhelming– many people think they entail a full-on demo. With some inspired stone mantel designs and a few DIY stone fireplace painting ideas, your stone fireplace can easily take your home’s design in a complete 180.

Step one is always doing some quick research. Having an idea about a stone fireplace paint color, or overall design, will help the project come together with ease. Understanding the stone fireplace painting can be quick and affordable can help motivate your renovations. Looking into Stone Painting Guides for tips and ideas is a great starting place for these projects. Gathering the right materials and picking a style becomes easier when you’ve got an idea of the process.

No amount of decor can save a poorly painted fireplace. Dull colors make the piece look outdated, neglected, and ruin the entire design of a room. You aren’t stuck with boring brown just because that’s what’s already thrown on your stone fireplace mantel. Seeking out paint made to accomodate the texture of stone will keep the updates clean and professional looking and easy to maintain.

Dressing up an old, boring stone fireplace can add value to your home and create an atmosphere you won’t want to leave– and it all starts with a fresh coat of paint.

Get Inspired

Having a desired look can also help projects come to life. Whether you want your stone fireplace makeover to compliment existing furniture, or recreate a space entirely, choosing a color and theme to work around can help minimize any design-induced stress. Gathering ideas and searching through other inspired stone fireplace designs

With stone, anything from rustic mantels to modern fireplace paint is possible. A nice color is a great place to build a design around, no matter the theme. Modern designs tend to have monochromatic, sleek finishes. Rustic fireplace designs can pair nicely with whitewashed or nude toned stone paint. Collecting a mental picture for your finished DIY fireplace makeover can motivate and excite the entire project.


Color choices, like white or light grey, are more popular in home decor. Choosing a light toned stone fireplace color will brighten any room and add a decorative touch that is more unique. Light shades definitely change the style of outdated and dull browns or neutrals, without needing to refinish your fireplace completely. These frosted stone fireplace paint colors are an easy way to create something entirely new with stone details. It helps modernize the material in a new, unique way. White is a great, bold choice. However, a taupe or grey can deliver similar effects with a less intense statement.

Brown or neutral shades are great options for maintaining the natural, rustic look that stone naturally carries. A brown toned color helps create the organic, outdoor feel that can be accessorized to compliment a comfortable, cozy home. Even if the stone is already painted one of these colors, a fresh layer will take it from dull to a brand new look. These kinds of colors can compliment any elegant, classic, or traditional design as well. The timeless look of stone will be met with a renovated, new coat of paint for the perfect fireplace look.

Don’t let an ugly stone fireplace intimidate you. With the right idea, inspired design, and perfect materials, stone fireplace painting can change everything. There’s no need to wait– give your home the update it deserves!