Minimalist living rooms exude luxury, class and style. Decorating them requires attention to detail—since you’re not using many pieces, the ones you do use have to count. Choosing the best décor for a minimalist living room means being able to select pieces that complement each other and make your space look stylish and chic. This guide will help you to choose the best décor for a minimalist living room.

Start With a Hero Piece

The “hero” piece is the focal point in the room and the piece that we design around. For most people, this is a sofa, but it can be any piece of furniture you like. The key here is to tie everything else in the room to this piece. If you’re going for a rustic look, outfit your space with a neutral colored sofa and add in accents in a similar palette. Go for a sideboard, a set of rattan chairs or a brown shag rug.

Go Monochrome

When you are going for a minimalist look, a monochrome color scheme looks clean and classy. Black and white, all white or gray are trendy monochrome color schemes that minimalists love. Stick to neutrals. Brighter hues can look busy and cluttered, so it’s best to avoid them. If you do want to add color, try a splash of color on an accent wall or in a décor piece. In addition, if you are working with a contractor that uses CostCertified, it is easy to visualize how color will look in your living room space.

Cut Down the Clutter

One of the best ways to decorate a minimalist living room is to clear out the clutter, or create the illusion of cleared clutter. Choose to display only the elements that you absolutely love and hide away everything else. Use storage bins, furniture with hidden compartments or screens to keep clutter out of view. Think sideboards, bookcases, ottomans and baskets to store your things.

Go for Texture

Because you’re going for a “less is more” theme, play around with textures to make your space look a bit more layered. Go for chunky blankets draped over a sofa arm, a shaggy rug, woven mats and rough finishes. The key here is to not overdo it. One or two pieces should be enough to complete the look.

Include Your Favorites

Choose a few of your favorite pieces to showcase in your minimalist living room. This can be a favorite piece of art, a sentimental accent or a long-treasured piece of furniture. The key is to showcase this piece to add character to the room without creating additional clutter.

Let There be Light

Natural light makes a space look clean, airy and contemporary. Go for light window dressings that let in the sun. If you’re comfortable, naked windows can really transform your space. If you don’t have a sun-drenched living room, go for floor and table lamps that can light up your space.

Embrace White Space

Sometimes it is easy to want to fill every space with something—a piece of furniture, a framed photo, a potted plant, a shelf of knick knacks. The key to minimalism is to embrace white space. Become comfortable with a plain wall, wide open spaces and just a few pieces of furniture. Your minimalist living room should feel airy and nearly empty. This way you can focus on the few pieces that matter and design around those.

Go Green

Plants can add a breath of fresh air to your space and are an easy way to make your minimalist décor look even cleaner. Think spa-like zen. Adding in a tall potted plant in a strategic place freshens the air and makes your space look more chic and contemporary. The key is not to add in too many plants, as they will make your space look cluttered.

Let Your Architecture Speak

One of the mistakes that people make when designing their living room space is to cover up the natural beauty of their architecture. If you have beautiful hardwoods, leave them bare instead of covering them with a rug. Soaring ceilings are automatic conversation pieces, so there is no need to cover them with tons of art—let them stand alone. Does your home feature turn of the century original details? Let your crown moldings and window frames speak for themselves.

When it comes to designing a minimalist living room, less is more. Neutral color palettes, sleek pieces with simple lines and classy accents will make your living room really make an impact.