While it is a crucial part of your home, the bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to interior decoration. What you don’t is that sprucing it can make it look visually pleasing, especially if you have guests sleeping over.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a hefty sum to give your bathroom the update that it needs. Here are six inexpensive ways to give your bathroom a fresh new look:

Update your fixtures

A simple change that you can apply to your bathroom to make it look brand new is updating your bathroom fixtures.

You’ll find that simply replacing your fixtures is going to make your bathroom look like you just had it renovated. Even if it’s just replacing the faucet and showerhead, it’s going to be such a great way to make the bathroom look better.

What’s even better about that is that it doesn’t cost that much to replace your bathroom fixtures. You can even play around with the fixtures as there are more options available nowadays.

As long as it matches the rest of your bathroom, your new bathroom fixtures are going to elevate it by a lot.

Upgrade your lighting

Another simple change that can uplift and better the look of your bathroom would be an update of your lighting fixtures. If your bathroom isn’t as bright as it could be, it can look gloomy. However, if you update your lighting and change it to a stylish option, it can switch up the vibe in your bathroom.

Also, sometimes all you need to do is add more lighting fixtures in the bathroom or be more strategic with the placement of your lighting.

For example, you shouldn’t have the lighting right above your vanity mirror in the bathroom. The light will make your face look worn than it is. That’s because the light casts shadows right atop you, which will cover your face in an unflattering way.

Refresh caulk and grout

A subtle difference in your bathroom that people often overlook but can refresh your bathroom would be the look of your grout and caulk. These two can make your bathroom look rundown if you don’t take the time to clean them when you can.

These two are also cheap, so you won’t have to go all out to give your bathroom a new shine.

Refinish your bathtub

If your bathroom needs some severe update, you should try and hold off on replacing it if there’s nothing seriously wrong with it. Refinishing your shower and bathtub is a lot cheaper and can help solve the problem without replacing your bathtub.

When you refinish your bathtub, it’s going to shine bright like it’s new, and you didn’t have to spend as much as you’d think you’d have to to get that shine back.

Clear the clutter and organize

If you want to freshen up your bathroom’s look, there are plenty of decoration ideas that you can apply. However, sometimes, you don’t need to resort to adding new things in the bathroom to make it look new.

At Planet Maids Cleaning Services NYC, we emphasize how decluttering and organizing can help spruce up any space. This includes your bathroom.

Sometimes, the clutter and disorganization in your bathroom is the reason why you’re feeling dissatisfied with how it looks. It can quickly dull the shine of how your bathroom used to look. That’s why before you make any drastic design decisions in your bathroom, you should declutter and organize first.

You’ll find that your bathroom might not be as bad as you think. Plus, you’ll have a better idea of what bathroom needs to look better when everything is organized systematically.


Once you look through and update and clean your bathroom, the best step is to accessorize it. Otherwise, the space will look boring and dull.

With that said, simple changes you can make are to replace curtains, mats, towels, and so on.

Aside from that, it would help if you tried to stick to a color scheme in the bathroom when accessorizing. That way, it doesn’t look like a mish-mash of random things in the bathroom.

Final Words

The bathroom changes listed above straightforward and affordable yet can freshen up a space.

Thus, you should consider applying them when you can. That way, you can quickly refresh the feel of your bathroom without breaking the bank.

These changes show you that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a beautiful home, so try them out now.