It’s hard to resist the lure of beautiful houseplants. Whether you’re living in a sun-splashed, garden-style apartment or a tiny studio, you can grow your own little oasis right at home. But in winter, when cold drafts and holiday mayhem make it easy to neglect them, keeping your indoor plants alive may seem impossible. Don’t give up hope yet: with these simple tips, your plants will thrive all winter long!

Water your plants less

Given that plants are living things, you might guess that watering them less in winter is the best idea. You see, the goal of watering your plants less in winter should be to avoid overwatering them. As temperatures drop and light levels diminish, some plants require less water than they need during other seasons.

Let the sunlight in

Winter sunlight is essential to growing strong and beautiful plants. You can increase sun exposure by moving your plants close to a sunny window (or even outside), or by using special lights. Both options are great ways to provide your plants with sunlight all winter long!

Keep your home warm

During winter, daytime temperatures can be below freezing, which is not ideal conditions for your plants. If you live somewhere with cold winters and want to keep your houseplants alive, you need to create a warm environment for them. Prevent the cold winter air from sneaking into your interior by sealing up air leaks around your doors and windows.

You need to remember, however, not to keep your plants too warm. Make sure to place them away from sources of heat, like fireplaces and heating vents.

Clean your plants

Winter is the best season to clean your houseplants. The days are short and the temperature is low, so naturally, there is less water evaporating from the leaves. The plants will also be less likely to have pest infestations. It’s much easier to spot pests while they’re harder to find in warmer months. Winter is also a good time to remove crowding tips on those large-leafed plants, helping them stay tidy and strong.

Hold off on repotting

Many people get in the habit of repotting house plants every fall during the cold months. However, if you repot them in winter, your plants will emerge from their rest period under-hydrated and more likely to rot. Wait until spring to give your plants a fresh new home.

Use warm water for your plants

Due to colder temperatures during the winter, many plants tend to wilt and lose their luster. Although, there is a simple way to keep your plants looking healthy and active! Once the fall temperatures start to drop, use warm water for your potted plants. The increased temperature of warm water allows for greater moisture retention which may help prevent your plants from drying out.

Call the pros to service your garden plumbing today

Make sure you have enough supply of water for your plant watering needs all winter long. If your water has been running slower than usual or there’s a leak somewhere, call on the pros to service your garden plumbing. Hiring a professional plumbing contractor in your area will help bring back your system’s quality condition in no time. Plus, it can save you time and money! What are you waiting for? Call your trusted local plumbing company today and book a service!