Have you heard about the latest interior design craze, cozy-chic? Okay, maybe it isn’t an official aesthetic, but with all the fleece, plaid and wood-burning fireplaces on our list, it’s well on its way to being one. Thanks in part to the mass-gravitation towards cozy as a lifestyle—thank you, Danes, for bringing us hygge—as well as the intense need to totally chill after a busy summer, everyone’s curling up in a chunky knit blanket this fall. Thankfully, you don’t have to sink in a ton of money to warm up your space, especially if you follow these tips.

  1. Go Crazy with the Candles—Candles are definitely a foundational element of any cozy-chic interior, so when you think you have enough, add more. We’re especially fond of hand-poured soy candles in warming aromas that make you feel like you’re curled up under a blanket on a hayride (like this pumpkin patch candle, maybe) or sipping fresh apple cider by a bonfire. Soy is the ideal choice for a soft, comfortable interior because it burns cleaner than paraffin and is eco-friendlier to boot.
  2. Wherever Possible, Drape a Throw—There is an art to the perfect throw blanket drape, so make sure to spend some time practicing your technique before you go tossing all over your house. Seriously, though, a chunky knit blanket or a wool plaid throw—look for options by Woolrich and Pendleton for the best quality possible—will bring a warm, plush feel to even the coldest surfaces, so stock up ASAP.
  3. Swap Out Your Accent Pillows—Summer is temporarily out of service, which means it’s time to trade up your floral and nautical stripe throw pillows for styles that are decidedly cozier. We’re talkin’ the plaid flannel, the cable knit, the faux fur and the velvet. Anything soft, luxurious and overstuffed will help make your space feel like it was designed purely for hours of indulgent lounging (and it was, after all).
  4. Hang Some String Lights—String lights inside, you say? Hear us out. There’s something so magical about twinkly lights draped from the ceiling or wall, and there are a few solid ways to do it so that it doesn’t make your space feel dorm-like. For example, you can use them to cast a soft glow over your dining room or to create a neat, artsy display in the center of the ceiling. The best part is, these little lights will make you feel like you’re stargazing outside, even when you’re cozied up at home.
  5. Invest in Self-Care Staples—Cozy isn’t just an interior design style, of course, it’s also a state of mind. And to get there you must have the right tools. Make sure you have a soft, fluffy bathrobe (preferably one that’s fresh out of the dryer), a basket full of fancy bath bombs and some fuzzy slippers or thick, wool socks. Candles, face masks, a hot beverage, relaxing music—if it makes you feel peaceful, it stays.
  6. Bring in a Fire Element—If you live in a house or an apartment without a fireplace, don’t fret. You can still bring in the feeling of a hot, roaring fire without a total demo. And you might be surprised to find that there are miniature, faux and electric fireplaces to suit virtually every budget, from small tabletop styles that you can place on the coffee table–including many under $50–to huge $2,000-plus wall-mount options that look like the real deal. Electric fireplaces tend to be more efficient and safer than your typical gas or wood models, too.
  7. Enhance Your Hot Drink Situation—Is it even fall or winter if there’s no hot coffee, fresh-brewed tea or warm, spiced apple cider? Nope. To settle into a state of deep coziness, you’re going to need to have these beverages on demand. Consider revamping your coffee maker or beverage station with seasonal options, like pumpkin-flavored coffee and warm chai tea. By the way, it is totally possible to make your own pumpkin spice latte at home, and we say go for it.
  8. Create a Place to Kick Your Feet Up—A comfortable living area is one where you can fully stretch out and unwind after a long day, so make sure your living room furniture is appropriately lounge-ready. Consider adding an upholstered ottoman to the space so you have somewhere to rest your feet. If you like to lay around and relax with a group of friends or family, think about trading up for an oversized (and overstuffed) sofa or a roomy sectional.
  9. Switch to Winter Bedding—Swap out that lightweight cotton blanket or summery quilt for something a little heavier duty to seal in the warmth and create an enclave of deep comfort in the bedroom. You can’t go wrong with a down or down alternative comforter, and don’t forget some silky-soft sheets and pillow cases. The right cold-weather bedding will help you stay snug as a bug in a rug all season long.
  10. Bring in Woodsy Elements—We’re not saying you have to stack up a pile of fresh-chopped wood in the middle of your living room (but, by all means, go right ahead), but there is something to be said about giving your interior a bit of a cabin-inspired feel. With deep, dark wood finishes, exposed beams and stone accents, you can make even a cool urban apartment feel like it’s in the middle of the forest.

Warning: May Induce Deep States of Chill

You may just find yourself uninterested in leaving the house at all this winter, especially when you dial up the comfort with the aforementioned tips. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! But with the deep joy and stillness you’ll find cozying up at home, you may also find a new sense of motivation and happiness that will translate to the rest of your life, and that makes it all worthwhile!