Bed sheets are jackets that give comfort and insulation when you contact them. There is no doubt that a qualitative bed sheet that feels so good against your skin will keep you relaxed and even rejuvenated after sleeping.

Many people only focus on how a bed sheet is beautifully designed, neglecting other aspects of the bedsheet. Understanding some basics about bedsheets, from thread counts, fabrics, weaves, skin-friendly fabric to choosing colors for the bedsheets, will go a long way in helping you to get that perfect bed sheet you have long desired.

When choosing the perfect bed sheet for your home, there are vital factors to consider,

The first is;

1. Thread count

Usually, the thread count helps assess the quality of a sheet. Thread count is the number of threads per square inch of a material or the number of vertical and horizontal threads woven together in a square inch of fabric. The general notion is that the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. Therefore, between 280-300 thread counts is recommended. Anything above or below may not give that soft feel that one desires.

2. Fabrics

When it comes to fabrics, comfortable sheets are 100% cotton.

Cotton is the most sort out fabric for bed sheets and is known for getting rid of moisture, and it can be useable throughout the year.

Egyptian cotton has longer cotton fibers. The longer the fiber, the softer and more durable the sheets. It is the most luxurious sheet. But one must be careful because not all cotton is Egyptian cotton. Pima cotton is also a good choice when considering less expensive sheets.

Polycotton is a type of fabric comprising both cotton and polyester. It is less expensive and quite durable and does not wrinkle or fade, and is more accessible and straightforward to handle.

Linen is a popular sheet and a great choice during summer owing to its natural cooling effects.

3. Weaves

Bed sheets can have several weaves ranging from percale sateen to flannel. Percale is a plain, matte weave that is crisp, ideal for people who quickly get hot when asleep. Sateen is very soft, has a smooth finish and is lustrous. It is almost like Satin. Flannel has a napped finish which is suitable for the winter.

Checking the bedsheet weaves for a qualitative choice will promote the durability and texture of the bedsheets

4. Using skin-friendly fabrics

Choosing hypoallergenic fabrics and naturally resistant to dust, mites, and mold can promote a more comfortable rest.

5. Ensure you get the correct Fit

One cannot over emphasize the importance of getting the right size and fit for bed sheets. It might be too small or too big for your mattress if not considered carefully. For example, you could measure the mattress before purchasing the bed sheets to avoid unnecessary stress.

6. Deciding on prints or plains

At times, plain colored sheets go with printed pillows and blankets. You could also have printed sheets with simple colored pillows or blankets. The idea is to choose bed sheets with prints or plain bed sheets that define your taste or personality. You can visit Lifestyle Glitz for more home décor ideas and other interesting reads.

7. Seasonal sheets

Having different kinds of sheets for different periods is excellent and fun but ensure you invest in lovely looking sheets to rhyme with the period.

8. Choosing the color

There is no doubt that beautifully colored bed sheets attract and add to the ambience of your bedroom. So, it is crucial to pick the colors that will lighten up your mood or set you in a good mood.

I hope these tips help you find the best bed sheets for your bedroom.