Not having enough space is the most common complaint about bedrooms, but the truth is you probably need better storage.

The battle for bedroom storage never ends, especially in small bedrooms where one box or shelf makes all the difference. Thankfully, there are several ways you can maximise storage in any bedroom without breaking the bank.

Here are our five top tips for bedroom storage:

Get a bed with built-in storage

Your bed is the most significant piece of furniture in your bedroom (a double bed takes up 135 x 190cm), so it makes sense to provide storage space.

Divan beds with built-in drawers are a great option, with spacious drawers available at the sides of the foot of the bed.

Ottoman beds are even better for storage, with mattress base lifts to reveal abundant storage space underneath the mattress.

Divans are cheaper than ottomans and may be all you need, but an ottoman is the best option if you need lots of storage in a small bedroom.


Pictured: Milan Bed Company End Lift Leather Ottoman Bed Frame – White. Available from Bedstar, The Online Bed Superstore.

Add drawers without eating into floor space

If you need more drawers, get a taller chest with the same width and depth as your old one, or even slightly smaller. You’ll gain more storage space without eating into floor space, and you can also apply this rule to bedside tables.

If you don’t need a massive chest of drawers, you can free up floor space in your bedroom with a storage drawer unit instead; these units are narrower than chests and come in a wide range of styles, such as wicker, rattan, and metal mesh.

Get clever with shelves

Shelves are your best friend for storage! A deep enough shelf will happily take your games console and plants, or you can use narrower shelves for books and bits and bats. The trick is to have shelves at body height to use them.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Wraparound shelves for the perimeter of your bedroom
  • Tiered shelves that provide storage on different levels
  • Corner shelves that free up wall space for other things
  • Over-bed shelves for your books
  • Mesh basket shelves for all your random bits and bats

Use the back of your door for storage

Providing you are happy not being able to open your bedroom door fully, the back of your door has massive potential for storage.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Overdoor hanger for coats and dressing gowns
  • Overdoor storage rack for toiletries and random stuff
  • Overdoor shoe organiser
  • Overdoor laundry hamper
  • Overdoor pockets for anything that will fit in them

Be it an overdoor hanger for your dressing gown and onesies, or a pocket organiser for random stuff, the back of your door is a blank canvas! Just make sure your bedroom door opens to the amount you need it to.

Use dual-purpose furniture

Furniture that doubles up as storage is your best friend.

A wooden end of bed trunk makes a fantastic bench, or you can get a shoe bench that will do the same job. Buffets with a lid are perfect for small spaces, and you can use your chest as a dresser by putting a mirror on it.

Look for ways to combine furniture into one unit. For instance, your bed can double up as a sofa if it has enough cushions, and your work desk can double up as a dressing table with a mirror and a shelf for all your cosmetics.


Pictured: Giltedge Beds Solo Memory Divan Bed, Available from Bedstar, The Online Bed Superstore.

Other ways to unlock more bedroom storage

Here are some more ways to increase storage in your bedroom:

  • Ditch your bulky wardrobe for a more extensive clothes rail
  • Use stackable plastic storage boxes
  • Get a slimmer but taller laundry basket
  • Move your TV and electronics to the wall
  • Get a builder to make recessed shelves
  • Use your windowsill and extend it out if necessary
  • Get rid of clutter and unwanted clothes every month