Swimming is a safe exercise for people of all ages. It is suitable for people with mental and physical disabilities. Swimming is also suitable for pregnant people and those with medical conditions like arthritis.

Having a swimming pool in your backyard can contribute to your health in the following ways.

Good for your heart

Swimming is a good form of cardiovascular exercise. Swimming increases your heart rate without stressing your body. You can swim for a longer duration than you can run. You don’t feel the strain and you can exercise for a longer duration without getting tired. Swimming provides a good workout for your heart and lungs without straining your body.

Improves muscle strength

While swimming, you use your arms, legs, torso and back. Each muscle in your body faces the resistance of water. The muscles and joints in your body work together to propel your body against the water. This improves the strength of your muscles and tones them.

Helps in controlling weight

Water provides more resistance than air. The body uses more energy while swimming without realizing it. This burns more calories and keeps your weight in control. When you have a pool at your home, you can swim whenever you want. You can also use equipment like foam noodles, kickboards or handheld paddles for extra resistance. Simply walking in water can contribute to weight loss due to the extra resistance provided by water.

Apart from swimming, cleaning your fibreglass pool can also contribute to burning calories. Fibreglass pools are easy to clean and maintain. You can brush your pool yourself.

Useful for all members of the family

Swimming is good, both for senior citizens and children. People who are injured or those who have joint problems can also undertake swimming. Building a fibreglass pool in your house can contribute to the health of all your family members. Your pool can be a popular venue for family get-togethers and pool parties.

Useful in controlling certain medical problems

Swimming reduces stress on the body and mind and is useful for people with high blood pressure. It reduces weight and helps in controlling blood sugar. Swimming provides confidence and also improves social skills. These benefit people with mental disabilities. Swimming has mood-enhancing effects. A warm pool can reduce joint pains and muscle stiffness. Water workouts are beneficial for people with dementia.

Extremely beneficial for children

Having a swimming pool in your home means that your children will learn to swim early. Swimming is an essential life skill. They can learn this skill in a safe environment under your supervision. A swimming pool will also encourage your children to spend time outdoors away from their gadgets. Adding water slides will increase the attraction of the pool for your children. They can invite their friends and play games in the pool. Swimming has a lot of health benefits for children.

A varied form of exercise

Going to the gym means doing the same exercise every day. But you can learn different forms of swimming. You can do freestyle, backstroke, butterfly or breaststroke. There are many forms of exercises you can do in the pool. You can do sidestepping or jogging in the pool.

You can also do arm raises, pool cycling, push-ups or pool planks. Adding equipment like water dumbbells, resistance bands, aquatic webbed gloves or ankle weights can increase the intensity of your exercise routine and break the monotony. Playing games in the pool is another fun way to exercise. There are plenty of pool games for adults and children.

Unlike a visit to the gym, you don’t have to set aside a specific time for exercise. You can swim whenever you have time. You can swim a few quick laps or lounge around for hours in the swimming pool. If you have a small fibreglass pool then you can spend any amount of time in the pool without worrying about nicks and cuts.

The intensity of exercise can be modified in accordance with your time and energy. You can do high impact exercises like water aerobics or light ones like arm curls or aqua jogging.

Reduces stress

Stress is an integral part of modern life. Water has a calming effect on our body and mind. A swimming pool in your backyard can build a bonding between family members. It can be a place where family members gather to share precious moments. Having a water body in your backyard makes your backyard an oasis. You can add pool furniture, outdoor kitchen and seating area in your poolside to increase its utility.

A well lit swimming pool can have a calming effect on your senses. The sound of water features can calm you down. Even if you are not swimming, you can lounge in your pool with a good book. You can enhance your pool area by adding fire pits or plants. Reduced stress levels benefit our body in many ways.

Improved sleep

This is one of the benefits of reduced stress levels. Your sleep quality also increases due to the wholesome exercise that swimming provides your body. A stress-free mind and well-toned body contribute to deep sleep.

Safety and affordability

Your swimming pool is your own haven. You have control over the chemicals added to the pool. You know the pool is clean and the water is of good quality. Your swimming pool provides you your own private space for exercising.

Your pool is an affordable means of exercise. You don’t have to travel anywhere. Your backyard pool is easily the most affordable and convenient means of exercise and fun for your entire family.

Take your time and choose the correct size of your pool. If you intend to play games in your pool, then you will require a deep pool. Fibreglass pools are available in many shapes and sizes. They are flexible and durable. A good fibreglass pool will keep your family healthy and happy for a lifetime.