Sometimes you do not need to switch out your room’s fittings or even change the furniture. You can enhance the looks of your living space in terms of light, comfort, and privacy by simply adding Venetian blinds. You might also opt for other treatments, such as aluminium shutters, plantation shutters, panel blinds, or honeycomb blinds for the interior or exterior of your house.

Add Beauty and Richness to Your Living Space

If you want to add beauty and richness to your living area, Venetian blinds made of timber are always a good choice. Designers recommend that you place these blinds in such areas as the bedroom, family room, or living room.

Added Light Control and Privacy

Whilst timber Venetian blinds in Perth can be used to upgrade traditional or contemporary décor, you can also use aluminium blinds as a modern treatment in such areas as living rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms. Whichever treatment you choose, you will be rewarded with added light control and extra privacy.


Venetian blinds made of timber are generally manufactured from trees such as basswood or cedar. They also come in a wide array of stains and colours. If you want a more affordable blind, you can opt to buy one in imitation wood. Whatever type of blind you choose, it is coated with a sun protectant. The UV coating enables the blinds to stand up to the harshness of the Australian sun.

Basswood Blinds

The basswood used in Venetian blinds comes from the Linden tree. The hardwood features a low grain factor and pale hue, all which makes it ideal for staining or painting.

Canadian Red Cedar Blinds

On the other hand, the cedar that is used for timber Venetian blinds comes from the Canadian Western Red Cedar tree. These blinds show a soft, red-brownish tone and convey a pleasant scent as well. The wood for the blinds is resistant to all kinds of decay.

Imitation Wood

When you select blinds that are made of imitation wood, they are made from polystyrene (PS) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials. This low-maintenance window treatment works out well in humid venues, and therefore is suggested for kitchens and bathrooms.

Strict Quality Control

Regardless of the type of blind you purchase, its premium quality promises that it is made under strict guidelines with respect to quality control. As a result, a large volume of blinds can be produced without compromising their overall durability or integrity.

Panel Blinds

Besides Venetian-style blinds, you may also be interested in panel blinds, which offer a stylish and modern diversion to your décor. The blinds feature an aluminium track and panels that glide effortlessly into place.

Panel blinds are normally placed before sliding doors or wider windows. You can also use these blinds as a room divider by affixing them to the ceiling. These types of blinds enable you to create your own bespoke look by matching various colours and designs on a single track. Select from a one-way access or a centre opening.