gate installation

Composite materials can offer the modern homeowner many benefits, and if you are looking for the perfect fencing and gating for your property, you couldn’t do any better than powder coated aluminium. The range of colours allows for creativity, and with a faux wood grain, you can recreate the rustic look without the maintenance that timber requires. Aluminium slat fencing and gating gives you both privacy and visibility, and with custom designs, you decide just how that balance is achieved.

A One Shop Solution

Ideally, if you wish to change your fencing and gating, or are in the process of building your dream home, there are online specialists who can customise fencing to suit. With their design expertise, they might be able to make some suggestions that you had not been aware of, and this type of company would be able to design, build, and install bespoke fencing and gating that perfectly complements your home. For Western Australians, there is quality fence and gate installation in Perth, and the service is second to none.

Slat Design

Frameless slat fencing is perhaps the most common style for a contemporary home, and with powder coated aluminium, your fencing can handle anything the Australian climate can conjure up, and never requires maintenance. Alternatively, if you prefer to have a frame, the posts can be made to measure and fitted along with the fencing and gating. Although there are standard slat widths, an established supplier would be able to create fencing and gating to the client’s specific measurements, and with a range of colours, anything is possible.

Aero Screens

This is an attractive alternative to traditional slat fencing, as the slats are angled, giving you the shutter look. Made to measure means you can choose the angle and width of the aerofoil blades, and with a choice of framed or frameless, you can create the right image for your exterior.

Gating Solutions

Pedestrian gates are required for easy access, and these should match the fencing of course, and with quality fixtures and fittings, your gates will always perform well, and require no maintenance. Opening styles would be discussed beforehand, and the great thing about bespoke design is you call the shots, and having an in-house design team draw up the plans, you can rest assured the design will be ideal. The locking systems would incorporate a double locking mechanism with a limited lifetime warranty, so home security is not compromised in any way. The hinges are equally solid and need no lubrication, which makes for a maintenance free set up, something every homeowner is looking for.

Fencing and gating play a major role in how the property looks, and with the right design, it is possible to transform the ambience of any property. The Internet has given us many benefits, and sourcing essential products and services is just one, and with an online search, you can locate the perfect company to quote for the job.