Los Angeles is all about glitz.  Hardly any city in the world has people trying harder to outdo each other with exquisite home décor.  There is a reason so many reality shows are set here.  If you think your fabulous decorating idea is too outrageous; Los Angeles interior designers have seen it all.  From sun rooms full of tropical plants to Victorian canopy beds, nothing is too over-the-top for interior designers.  Los Angeles homeowners have an image to uphold, after all.

Hotels are a great source of style inspiration.  Even if you don’t have your own reality TV show yet, here are some style ideas you can borrow from luxury hotels.

Water Features

The only thing more elegant than a fountain in the garden is a fountain inside the house.  Even more elegant is a waterfall separating your living room from your dining room.  Indoor waterfalls are a décor staple in elegant hotel restaurants.  If you don’t want to get wet, you could go for a strategically placed aquarium or fish pond instead.  You could even borrow a page from the Delano hotel on South Beach.  It has a floor to ceiling aquarium filled with jellyfish.

Elegant Curtains and Bedding

Impress your guests by splurging on elegant curtains and bedding for the guest bedroom.  A dark color scheme gives an especially luxurious look.  Use metallic accent colors for even more luxury appeal.

A Bar Separate from the Kitchen and Dining Room

Hotel bars do a lot to add to the feeling of luxury.  Imagine if your home had an area especially for happy hour.  Your home bar could be inside the house or on the patio.