In today’s day and age, achieving a clutter-free home is becoming incredibly difficult. One way to keep the clutter away is to create adequate storage space.

Bespoke storage space can transform the appearance of any room and provide you with essential storage space. Whether your property has limited space or an unconventional layout, bespoke storage solutions offer a way to maximise available space, adding a tidy, contemporary look to your room.

So if you think you’ve run out of storage space in your home, think again. With a little expert know-how, you could find some smart bespoke storage solutions that utilise the space more effectively. 

Barbara Genda Bespoke Furniture shares top tips on maximising the space in your home with bespoke storage solutions:

1. Always plan ahead

When renovating your home or moving into a new house, it’s essential to plan ahead for the different types of storage solutions you require. A little pre-planning and careful consideration of your home’s layout can go a long way. 

To ensure you plan for enough storage space, write down all the items you’re looking to store away, consider how you and your family will use your space, and plan your home layout and storage solutions around this. Don’t hesitate to ask a fitted furniture specialist for their professional opinion of maximising space.

2. Build storage space in the walls

It’s a good idea to maximise redundant space by building storage space into the walls. Building into the eaves spaces of the roof is a great way to make use of redundant attic space while the alcoves and spaces around chimney breasts are ideal for bookshelves, cabinets and TV units.

3. Consider floor-to-ceiling shelving

With bespoke floor-to-ceiling furniture, awkward angled layouts are utilised. Floor-to-ceiling shelving and cupboards make most of every bit of space in your home while maximising floor space. As floor-to-ceiling furniture is designed specifically for purpose, it tends to be much more attractive

4. Create loft storage space

Converting your loft is the sure most and cheapest way of increasing the square footage of your home. However, converting your loft into an extra bedroom or home office can rob your property of valuable storage space. Bespoke furniture built into the angled lines of the roof and lower eaves creates valuable storage space for your Christmas tree and nostalgic valuables

5. Don’t forget small rooms

Despite your initial thoughts, well-designed and integrated storage and furniture work well in small and awkwardly-shaped rooms. With small rooms, you don’t have the luxury of choice, so bespoke works best as you often cannot rely on the functionality of shop-bought furniture.