You have heard a lot about the benefits of owning a swimming pool and you are eager to build one in your backyard. But the cost of building a pool and maintaining it is acting as a deterrent in your pool building plans. Don’t worry. Pool building need not involve a lot of money. If planned and executed wisely, then you can have your own little oasis right in your backyard and that too on a budget.


You have to literally and figuratively prepare the ground for your pool. Take a good look at your backyard. The size, slope, soil conditions and shape of your backyard will affect your pool. Be realistic. Some soil conditions make excavation difficult. Get your soil tested by an expert if you are unsure about the soil condition of your backyard. Spending money on soil testing will prevent a lot of problems at a later stage.

You will have to go for above ground pools if your backyard soil is not suitable for excavation. Above ground pools are a good idea if your house is on a steep slope or your backyard is at a low level and prone to flooding. Fibreglass Pools give you plenty of options for above ground pools.

If your backyard is small, then fibreglass pools are your best bet. Fibreglass pools are easy to install. Concrete pools require lots of space for men and machinery to move about.

Your pool design will depend on the shape and size of your backyard. For smaller backyards, plunge pools are a perfect alternative. If you have a larger backyard, you can go for lap pools.

You should also find out about the utility lines passing through your backyard. You don’t want to damage public utilities like water, gas or electricity during excavation work for your pool.


Once you determine the suitability of your backyard, the next step involves lots of planning. You have to find a location for your pool. If your neighbor’s property is near your pool, then you will have to go for fencing or enclosures for privacy. If there are any trees in the location selected for the pool, then you may have to remove them. Any rocks or tree stumps in the ground will have to be cleared. Preparing the ground before starting excavation will prevent unnecessary delays and cost escalations.

Any branches likely to protrude above the pool will have to be removed. They will drop leaves and insects into the pool and increase your cleaning costs. It is better to locate your pool where it can receive sunlight.

After you finalize the location of your pool, get the necessary approvals from the authorities. Different states have varied requirements regarding fences, boundaries, and pool enclosures.

While drawing up a plan for your pool, make provisions for all the outdoor structures and plumbing fixtures. You may or may not add them at present according to your budget. They can be added in the future when your budget permits, but renovating a pool is a difficult activity.

Use of your pool

You must decide beforehand who will be using the pool and for what purposes. If you want a pool just for decorative purposes, then you need to focus more on lighting and landscaping. A small sized fibreglass pool with interesting landscaping will be sufficient to function as a center of attraction in your backyard. If you want a pool for exercises, then you will need a larger pool.

If children and senior citizens will be using the pool, then you need to spend some money on making your pool safe. You can do this by installing handrails, proper lighting and enclosures. The safety aspect of your pool should never be ignored.

The material used for building the pool

The material used for pool construction will greatly affect your budget. There are various materials like concrete, vinyl and fibreglass available for constructing pools. All these materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Fibreglass is a highly durable material that is easy to install and maintain. Fibreglass pools are highly suitable for people looking to construct pools on a budget.

Do your research and find a good pool builder who will guide you properly to construct a pool within a limited budget.

Budget-friendly pool landscaping ideas

You are on a budget does not mean that you should not make your pool area attractive. There are plenty of ways to make your pool area attractive without breaking the bank.


Grow plants in your pool area. If positioned well, trees can give privacy and shade. You can grow flowering plants, ornamental grasses, or vines to make your pool area attractive. Plants such as mint, sage, citronella, and lavender act as natural pest repellents and provide an aroma to your pool area.


Lighting is necessary to make your pool safe. Using LED lights can reduce energy costs. LED lights are programmable and long-running. They are available in different colors and are an economical way to create an impact on your poolside without spending too much money. You need not spend money on replacing them frequently. If your budget permits, then you can purchase floating lights, tiki torches, light up the plants, or install floodlights.

Pool color

A dark-colored pool can give a dramatic look to your pool area. The dark color also has benefits like keeping the water warm and hiding dust and debris.

Adding water features

Water features like waterfalls and fountains instantly brighten up your pool without costing too much money. If you have the desire for waterfalls and cascades but not the budget, then you can make plumbing provisions for them.

Pool furniture and tanning ledges

A tanning ledge is a good place to relax during a hot summer day. Fibreglass pools come pre-fitted with ledges and steps at no extra cost. There are various types of lounges and chairs available which can be placed inside the pool.

You can also make a seating arrangement in the pool area. This seating furniture can be scattered or placed in a separate area.

Proper planning and timely execution will give you a pool experience you can enjoy for a lifetime.