Organizing your living space can be fun, but also challenging. It feels good to occasionally move furniture around and refresh the living room. You can’t go wrong here, as long as you like what you’ve done with the space, still, there are ways to improve your home’s looks and functionality and positively affect your mood and well-being. I wanted to learn some tricks so I talked to people who work with real estate on a daily basis. Neuman & Neuman showcase how to best use the space you have, improve its look, and increase its value using a few easy tricks

Love Your Furniture

But be ready to replace it if it doesn’t work anymore. Decades-old sofa, squeaky table, or wobbly chairs might bear sentimental value, but when it’s time to go then it’s time to go. The release you feel when you get rid of old, worn-out stuff, and replace them with fresh, new, good-looking furniture is spectacular. Let the living room dictate how you feel, not vice-versa; don’t let it reflect your current mood. This is why redecorating is going to give you a restart, and give you the change that inspires other aspects of your life. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Measure the space, understand what sort of activities usually occur, and choose accordingly. Try to use the room the best you can by finding the balance between artistic and practical tendencies.

Points of Interest

Your living room should have a focal point; a piece of furniture, or an object that draws attention. People generally put a TV conveniently and then design their room around it, but you can choose differently. You can use a painting, a fireplace, a bookcase, or a shelf with a record collection. Whatever reflects your personality in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Your guest will surely appreciate your choice and relish the originality wishing they could do something similar.

You can always refer to the type of activities you’d consider having in the room and use that to guide you when choosing the right gathering point.

Color Your Mood

Colors play a major role in setting up the mood of the living room. This is where your taste makes the final call in response to the atmosphere you want to create. You can articulate different feelings by combining the colors of your walls, furniture, carpets. For example, you can opt for black, white, bronze, and add a touch of natural materials like wood or stone. Plantlife adds lively colors of green and brown that no one would say no to.

Light It Up!

Lighting plays a major role when decorating your living room. You can experiment, but when done right, all the effort you put in previously in furniture and color comes to light. Again, you need to consider the activities and atmosphere. An overhead task lighting for reading is useful and pretty. Accent lighting is good for relaxation, and you can place it anywhere you like. The design of the light sources should fit the rest of the decor scheme as well.

Don’t Hoard Decorations

You can easily fall into a trap of trying to overly decorate the living room with a bunch of accessories and items that might look good individually but together make a mess. Sentimental value is good, but when you are redecorating it’s time to put that aside for now and choose what best fits the new style. You can always add decorations or replace old ones, but start simple.