There are several causes of blocked drains and getting them cleaned periodically can be quite a hassle. This is why regular maintenance is suggested, but nevertheless, blocks are inevitable. Apart from traditional cleaning of drains with home solutions such as vinegar and baking powder, your other option is to get in touch with drain cleaning companies. These professionals can investigate the drainage system, identify the clogged portions, and then clean the drainage system with their latest tools and techniques. You need to call them in to clean the blocked drain at the initial stages in order to avoid damage your home’s drainage lines and the need for you to spend a huge amount on replacing the entire pipelines of your drainage system.

Causes Of Blocked Drain And Its Prevention

  • Tree roots: Roots of trees spread underground and attract moisture from underground. Your drainage system can be coated with heavy moisture after a certain period of time, and tree roots can easily get extended toward the drainage system and they can block the pipes. In this case, you can cut those potions away and prevent this problem. However, it may occur again because the roots can spread again, and the pipes will be affected very soon. It is therefore suggested that you replace those portions and install some leak-free and watertight pipelines in your drainage system.
  • During Autumn, a heavy amount of leaves and debris may end up in your gutter and drainage system. This is especially so if you have the outlet in your garden area wherein it can be blocked due to garden debris. You need to clean these gutters and drainage systems regularly. It is suggested that you avoid using chemicals for cleaning the gutters in your garden area, because these harmful chemicals can create adverse effects on your trees. So you can consult with clogged drain cleaning professionals and they can get out all debris from your gutters and clean the drainage system.
  • Hair, grease and dirt can be deposited inside the drains and you need to clean these by hiring trained professionals. It is suggested to pour your unused grease and oil substances in a bottle and throw them to the dustbin rather than just sending them down the drain. The accumulate with the hair and other particles, and they can block your drains easily.

Clean The Toilet To Avoid Blocked Drain Issues

An unclean toilet is one of the major causes of blocked drains. People store some used items like toilet papers, soap bits, cotton balls, shampoo sashes and napkins in their bathrooms. It is suggested that do not flush this toilet rubbish because it will then be deposited in your building’s drainage system and your drain will be blocked all of a sudden.

Why Hire Blocked Drain Services

Blocked drain professionals are trained and they will come and investigate the whole drainage system with their equipment’s and camera. They can show you the clogged portions and they can also describe to you the reasons for the problem. These professionals use high-quality chemicals to clean the drain and  they know the process of drain clearing and they will mix several chemicals to clean the drain completely. Apart from this, they can provide you limited warranty on their work and if you face the same problems within this timeline you can get free service from them.

The waste water in the drainage system contains a huge amount of toxins that are the main cause of bacterial infections. So it is suggested that do not try to clean the drain on your own. Always hire professional drain cleaning services that can clean your drain at an affordable price.