The ideal time to add a new pool to your residence has to be summer. With warm weather approaching, what could be better than to soak up some sun, yet stay cool in one of the new Fibreglass pools on offer. Alternatively, you could install it in spring, so that you get enough preparation time for those impending hot summer months ahead. Most great pool companies will fit in pools throughout the year, never mind the weather. Nonetheless, since summer is the time when most people consider having a pool, pool builders have their hands full around this season.

Planning ahead is always a good idea if you want your trendy pool to be summer-ready. Whether you are planning to build a pool with construction from scratch, or renovating your old one, there are some latest trends you should be aware of. With these, your pool will become a vacation spot without you having to move out of your backyard!

Pool Finishes

One of the steamiest trends around is to have a dark colored pool. This looks great if you’ve got a theme in mind that resembles a lagoon. Dark pools exude an island aesthetic as well as add practical benefits to your pool area. Dark colors in Fibreglass pools retain heat better naturally, compared to lighter hues. Consequently, you may not have to switch on the pool heater, even in mildly cold conditions. You end up saving a lot on power bills, as well as contribute to a sustainable environment by conserving energy. In pools with dark polishes, dust and grime don’t show easily either (this isn’t an excuse to be inattentive to pool maintenance).

Loungers with Ledges

Transforming your backyard into a staycation is very simple. You can conveniently fit in some ledge loungers surrounding your pool. This turns into an area which is ideal for relaxation on hot summer days. You may want to just lounge around the pool and get a tan, while reading a good book. Ledges are level surfaces that can take a few inches of wetness. They are also safe levels that children and pets can spend time on. Nonetheless, there has to be adequate supervision when this is the case. Let alone future pool trends, ledge loungers have been a mainstay of pool vicinity for a long time.

Pools that Clean Themselves

The upkeep of your pool may not be as satisfying an experience as you have in the pool, but it’s a job that has to be done. Fibreglass pools are typically the best pools to own where maintenance is concerned. When compared to other kinds of pools, there is less algae formation and grime that collects in a Fibreglass pool. Some owners may have to do some degree of manual cleaning and handling of heavy automatic cleaners. Additionally, the pH levels of water need to be kept balanced, safe and healthy for people to swim in.

Nonetheless, have no fear. Pools come with smart new self-cleaning mechanisms, and one good one is called “Vantage”. Designed to reduce chemical cleaning agents, this pool cleaning system also obliterates cold spots. Your pool is kept free of debris without you having to use a vacuum by hand. This is the only pool cleansing system you will ever need, and it comes as a relief to most new pool owners.

Pools with Water Features

There’s no limit to the level and amount of water features you can add to your pool to enhance the aura of your pool space. Adding a water feature is not just a decorative improvement, but it’s more. It adds a relaxing sound, and you get to view a pleasant sight when you view your pool, not to mention the thrill it gives you when you touch it. Incorporating waterfalls, fountains, bubblers, jets, and walls of water are all latest ways of making your pool a showstopper. These add a fun element for your children too, especially when they have their friends over.

Nature Add-ons

To make your pool space look like a real paradise, adding some cool landscaping effects are always trendy. Natural elements, in the form of plants, rocks and pebbles give your backyard pool area a fantastic tropical vibe. Fibreglass pools look inviting anyway, and in an environment of wood and plants like Iris, Banksia and tall fern, they’ll give the appearance of a heady oasis of your dreams. In sync with a lagoon aura, tall ferns give you privacy from neighbors and a cozy, comfortable personal space.

Small Pools

Small pools emanate style and pool chic. You may think that bigger pools look more luxurious and abundant, but nowadays, homeowners prefer smaller pools. They are spacious enough to do laps in and relax, and give the surrounding area an edge of functionality to do more with your backyard. Smaller Fibreglass Pools don’t mean that you cannot afford a larger one, they just indicate that you can use your backyard to do more, like have an outdoor dining area. Some people install decorative al fresco kitchens near pools too. Think of smaller lap pools or plunge pools with clean contours.

Pool Edges

While some folks may not go in for Fibreglass pools as there are limited prefabricated pool designs and shapes you get, most adore them. A Fibreglass pool will likely be in a square shape or the popular rectangle shape. It has distinct modern pizzazz, and gives you a look of contemporary minimalism. The look lets you do so much with the rest of your backyard, that practically any design feature you add blends in seamlessly. The overall look is always bound to be fashionable and attractive.

Pool Lighting

The up and coming fashion in pools is all to do with effective lighting. Pools aren’t just limited to the mundane activity of swimming anymore – they are hubs for meeting people and hosting parties. They are also areas for you to have a spa experience and relax. New and easy lighting solutions for pools come in the form of LED lights. Eco-friendly and adjustable to suit the mood (they come in colors and can be remotely controlled, dimmed, etc.), these offer you a sense of calm, or excitement.

Aesthetics and More

Future pool trends for Fibreglass pools and any pool that you want, are not only about making your pool an up-to-date area. They are about a whole style statement. Your pool area should reflect your personality as well as be a purposeful, safe and practical area for your enjoyment.