After a certain time says ten to fifteen years of staying in your house, it is natural that you will notice damp on the walls or you may feel damp to touch. There is every possibility that the plaster of the wall is peeling away from the interior walls. If you find all these are happening to your house, then you should contact the company of Rising damp treatments London. Yes, it is the right place for your problem.

What is Rising Damp?

Rising damp- a type of dampness that is present and visible in the walls due to the water underground or very close rather next to walls that are rising throughout the structure of the wall.  Generally, this type of problem recurs in the old buildings and due to the damage of damp proof course (DPC) the ground level around the house has become raised by the addition of a path or driveway.  The moisture or groundwater come upwards through the leakages in the building materials like sandstone, bricks, and mortar. How quick the moisture rises up the walls shall depend on the type of the wall or the floor construction of the building, the fabric on the ground and the environment inside and outside of the building.

Overview of damp proofing treatment

Any type of rising damp treatments London need to survey the damp area, damp proofing, leakage detection, flood repair and the most important job is to repair of basement conversion. The company is a well-established contractor company in damp proofing and it is a specialist company of basement conversion. They operate throughout London and nearby areas. People are happy with their behavior and commitment that they give to the customers to give a professional service every time.

The property owners know it very well that nowadays these rising damp treatments London is not at all an issue. The moment you notice the signs of stains and damp patches that have appeared on the walls to the salts forming on the brickwork outside, you know the name of the company, contact them to solve the rising damp problems.

Taking the Pain Out of Rising Damp

The company is having almost 50 years of experience in the field of damp proof courses, and they are expert in eradicating rising damp from thousands of homes. You can trust the company’s damp proofing solutions so that the damp can remove from your house. The company utilizes the most up-to-date methods and offers a long-term guarantee to give the customers a complete peace of mind.

Book a Damp Survey

It is known that the construction methods have improved and buildings are coming increasingly airtight. It is good to stay warm during the cold winter months, but creates condensation as buildings are less breathable.

If you want that your walls should not be damp affected then you have to be careful so that water should not log just near the walls. If you find any water logging you need to clean as quick as possible. The company has all types of solution to improve the situation of rising damp, or penetrating damp.

Therefore, the problem of rising damp in the property is definitely expensive as because it spoils the beauty of your house and damage the plinth of the property. Any house owner should always remember that if a small area is untreated in time, then it will be troublesome in future. Thus,  you should treat the damp problem in time.