It may be your home or office, and everybody wants to enhance the beauty to the maximum extent. One of the significant areas that guests and clients notice is the gates of your premises, which can be the door for the driveway, lawns, garages, and sometimes even front doors. A colossal and aesthetically appealing gate enhances security and makes the place look beautiful. Although pre-made gates are available in the market, most people love the idea of custom timber gates.

Gates are not only meant for decoration, but their primary function is to provide security and privacy. A timber gate on your property can reflect your taste, class, and personality, bringing out elegance and increasing the property’s value. However, before installing custom timber gates, it is best to ponder some points to get what you want.

Points To Ponder 

Many people think buying and installing wooden gates is simple and does not require much brainstorming, but many factors must be considered.

1. The Type and Quality of Timber– You have the leverage to design the custom timber gates in the choice of wood you want. These are either softwood or hardwood, and one must know the differences. While softwood is less expensive than hardwood, its durability is also less. It is more prone to damage due to external weather conditions.

Again, hardwood can withstand bugs and termite attacks, rot after prolonged exposure to adverse weather, and does not decay quickly. It is best to gauge the area where you want to install the gate, ask the dealer or the supplier of the gates about the features of the wood material, and then only seal the deal.

2. The Size –The size of the gate is one of the crucial aspects to consider. If you require a wide gate, say above 3.5 feet, you must consider dividing the gates into parts with support in the middle section. Each section needs to be joined with other sections with hinges.

Dividing the gates into parts ease the operation and distributes the load. The support in each section can distribute the load and allows the gates not to sink. Thus, it is best to consult the best supplier in the area and go for custom timber gates to suit your requirements.

3. The operation –The operation of the custom timber gates should be one of your concerns while ordering for them. The cost of the gates will depend on the mode of operation. You may require automated operation where the gate is fixed with a motor and a pulley or may go for manual operation. Again, you may decide to have a sliding gate if you do not have enough space for swinging gates. Consider the factors, discuss them with the supplier, and then choose the right choice.

4. Know Your Budget-Timber gates are more expensive than alternative materials. Therefore, you should consider your financial capability. It is best to be in touch with a contractor, decide on the size, design, size, mode of operation, and type of timber, and have an estimate. Prepare your finances and then only seal the deal and avoid going overboard.

5. Maintaining The Gates –Timber gates may bring out the elegance of your office or home, but you should maintain them regularly. Maintenance is one of the critical factors. You need to polish or paint the gates regularly to extend their longevity. Again, you may require going for bugs and termite control to prevent the gates from the attacks.

Concluding thoughts

Contacting a contractor or supplier before installing customized timber gates is best. Though they require regular maintenance, all alternative materials also need the same. However, the grandeur is much more in timber gates; install them and feel the difference.