If you’re not a fan of house cleaning chores, you’re far from alone. Plenty of people would rather spend their free time in many different ways, rather than cleaning their home. But, a clean home is a necessity – especially in this pandemic. Is there a compromise option?

Fortunately, there is – hiring a cleaning service. If you are still on the fence when it comes to hiring a professional maid service, we reached out to San Francisco’s Adriana Cleaning Service to learn about the true benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service.

You Get Your Time Back

Your free time is fleeting and valuable. Having to spend it cleaning your home may be acceptable every once in a while, but spending every weekend this way can easily destroy any joy you have ever felt for those precious free days and hours.

Even if you are organized and have great time management skills, the general recommendation is to spend at least 3-4 hours cleaning your home every week. Spending that much time on a repetitive task every week can sound exhausting, but keep in mind that it will result in you being tired. Perhaps too tired to enjoy your favorite book or the TV show you’ve been waiting for all week.

And things aren’t any better now that the pandemic requires you to really put in the effort and keep your home clean and sanitary. This requires more effort, more time, and more specialized cleaning equipment and products that you may not have.

Service Industry Is the Norm

Hiring a cleaning service used to be viewed as a luxury and reserved for the wealthy and somewhat spoiled people. However, the times have changed. Even as more people work longer hours and spend more time out of the house, the chore of cleaning the home hasn’t really changed. But our habits and abilities have – and the free market has adapted to offer professional cleaning services.

And once we started accepting professional maid services as the norm, we also noticed some additional advantages of outsourcing this task. For one, the cleaning equipment we have at our homes is made to be good enough and provide some sense of cleaning. On the other hand, the really good and effective equipment is highly specialized and therefore expensive. Most of us will never buy it because the return on the investment is simply not worth it.

It is worth it to people who use it professionally, though. Whether we are talking about pressure washers, advanced vacuum cleaners, or something else, buying professional-grade equipment is largely in the purview of, well, professionals.

Professionals Know Better

The biggest reason people choose not to hire professionals is because they feel like they can do a good enough job at cleaning their home. Which might even be true, but it can take you a much longer time than a professional. This is certainly true for a regular cleaning.

However, if you need a specialized cleaning, such as deep cleaning or a move in or out cleaning, most of us will never be as meticulous and capable of cleaning as professionals. Furthermore, cleaners tend to know some tips and tricks how to clean faster and better.

So, hiring a professional cleaning service has quite a few advantages – both in terms of quality of cleaning and in the quality of time you get to spend. And the best thing is that there is such a wide variety of services, that you are bound to find a cleaning service just to your liking.