Home is the place where you relax after a long day at work. You are always excited how to decorate and in what ways you can make it look the best. For this, you go on the purchase of your home furniture and look for different styles and trends that are available. The furniture trends always keep on changing according to the demand and the innovations of the interior designers. There are many new trends that are emerging in 2016 some of which are described as below.

Extra-Large Formatted Tiles

Large format tiles like 12 by 24 inches have lately come into the trend for kitchens and bathrooms which give life-like look to them with a touch modernization. Also, there are tiles coming up to 31 by 71 inches which you can try in ceramic. It will give a very modern look to your bathroom and kitchen.

Use Outdoor Fabric Indoors

People are now trying to switch their outdoor fabric to their indoors and creating a new look in their living and dining rooms as these are the places which are accessed by their  guests mostly as soon as they enter the house.

Colored Stainless Steel Appliances

People mainly have changed their taste from shiny silver metal to black stainless steel in the upcoming trend of colored furniture. Try out different colored stainless steel appliances that suit your place and your personality.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Try to keep the upper cabinet white or plain and go playing with colors for the lower cabinets. This will take your kitchen to a new direction of colors and trend. Try to keep the lower cabinets with different wood colors which will give a wooden look to your kitchen.

Workhorse Islands

Now, a trend of kitchen islands have come into emergence wherein, kitchens offer additional workspace including deep storage, prep skins, room for seating and much more. With this trend, workhorse islands are also becoming popular.

Deep Kitchen Drawers

This trend of kitchen drawers is quite old but it is still in trend. Moreover, the deep drawers offer a great storage and also give a stylish look to your kitchen. You can divide the units and the drawers and place your dishes in them. Lower cabinets are now being replaced with deep drawers and dividers. You also can have deep corner drawers and drawers under range tops and kitchen sinks.

Formal Dining Rooms Are In

Not everyone has a requirement of having a separate dining room and that too a formal one. But, now formal dining rooms are coming in with the increase gatherings at home. When you have a frequent traffic at your place in your weekends, these formal dining rooms are quite useful and they offer a unique style to your dining rooms. The furniture is similarly formal when you talk about a formal dining room. It gives a classy look overall.

Niche Appliances

You can add a little more luxury to your home with luxurious yet very useful appliances like steam ovens, microwaves, warming drawers, induction cooktops, and kimchi refrigerators which will not only add an essence of luxury but also will offer you a great help in the respective usages.


A new trend of bidets has emerged since the manufacturers have started creating a combination of bidet and toilet units. Even bidet units have begun being used in kitchens. It gives a unique look to your kitchen and bathrooms. Also, it increases the facility of storage as small units built give way to storing the little stuff.

Trend Of Statement Mirrors In Bathrooms

Its been quite a time that bathroom cabinets and mirrors have come into the trend. Hanging mirrors and the unique style pointing mirrors have come into the trend.

Heated Entryway Floors

Normally, heated entryway floors are popular in bathrooms but if you live in a cold region, you can definitely put them in your entrance which will help melt the snow and will help you keep warm on the snowy days.

Living Rooms That Are Devoid Of Digi Tech

Now, the people have started realizing the importance of peace and togetherness. So, they prefer to have their living rooms without any digital distraction as they can peacefully read a book or talk to each other at ease without any disturbance.

Open Kitchens

Open kitchens have been in trend for a long time and they will never go out of trend. It gives a modern look as well as a uniqueness to your home.

Fully Decorated Living Rooms Yet Not Overboard

You can fully decorate your living room with all sorts of living room furniture that will give a classy and sophisticated look to your home. But, remember not to go over the board while decorating your living rooms as it will give a crowded feel to the guests.

Bold Room Wall Coverings

Wall coverings in the powder rooms is an old concept and still it is very much in trend. Have unique wall coverings in your powder rooms and it will give a classy look to your overall home along with your powder room.


You can decorate your home with a variety of stylish and classy furniture and the new trends that have been there in 2016. Just go with your imagination and instinct and you will get the best of the new home furnishing trends.