Renovating your kitchen is an expensive affair. You can think of doing this one by one. Small changes can make all the difference to the looks and functionality. Let us talk about changing just the kitchen cupboard doors and benefit from this. This works out to be affordable and offers a sleek look to the entire kitchen. Some of the benefits of replacing the kitchen cupboard doors are listed below.

  • This is a cost-effective solution and provides a new look to your kitchen.
  • A total renovation of a kitchen is tedious and time-consuming. Replacing the kitchen cupboard doors takes only about 2 day’s maximums.
  • This job can be DIY even if the homeowner has only the basic knowledge of how to fix the doors.
  • Replacement of these doors is less problematic. That is if you can make the right choice of the doors.
  • Shopping for these doors is easy, as they are available online in multiple designs and styles.
  • The replacement of kitchen cupboard doors is available with a warranty, making this a safe buy.

Styles of Kitchen Cupboard Doors:

With the passing time, you have multiple choices of the kitchen cupboard doors. Before opting for a specific one ensures that it can meet up to the requirement and the style of the kitchen.

#1. Louvered Style:

Horizontal slats are ideal for the kitchen cupboard doors. They offer a unique look, which can be termed as elegant. The spaces between the slats can provide the required ventilation, which is a ‘must’ for the specific kitchen cupboards.

#2. Inset Style:

The inset style doors are long lasting and durable, though expensive. This style is termed as ‘inset,’ as these are set inside the cabinets and is constructed and designed with precise measurements. This enables the door to close and open even when it faces expansion. The only requirement of these types of doors is that the hinges need to be exposed.

#3. Flat Style:

This is a simple style. Thus, tends to work out cost-effective and affordable. It is ideal for contemporary and modern kitchen due to its minimalistic form. You can find these doors in wood or decorative laminate. Opting for laminate works out affordable and you also get a choice of different colors.

#4. Shaker Style:

This shaker style is a flat panel with five pieces. This consists of a single panel, which is flat and placed in the center with four panels additionally. This is a simple design, which can blend well with a decor of any kitchen. This style of the kitchen cupboard doors works well with all types of budgets depending on the material of the wood chosen.

#5. Distressed Style:

Easily available distressed cabinet doors offer an antique look to the kitchen. Choose your style of the kitchen cupboard doors in accordance with the look of your kitchen and your budget.

#6. Thermo Foil Style:

This style has doors molded out of fibreboard of medium density. You can count on the strength of these doors due to its making style. These are baked under extreme heat conditions after it is wrapped in a coating, which is a plastic type. You find these in imitation wood grain and solid colors. Though these types of doors tend to fit into most budgets, you need to be aware that repairing these might be a problematic task.

Choosing the Kitchen Cupboard Doors:

As there are multiple choices available in these doors, it is important to find a manufacturer, who can offer you the different choices. Browsing through the different styles of these doors, you can check out the prices and the craftsmanship, stressing on the quality factor.