nursery wall decor

Are you planning to decorate your nursery with a safari theme? If so, you’re in luck! A safari-themed nursery can be a great way to create a fun, vibrant atmosphere for your little one. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of five must-haves for every safari-themed nursery. From wall art to animal-themed decor, these items will help you create a unique and inviting space that you and your baby will love. Keep reading to discover what you need to create the perfect safari-themed nursery!

A good safari-themed nursery starts with a good crib

The crib is often the first item on the list when designing a nursery. In a safari-themed nursery, the crib can be the centerpiece that sets the tone for the entire room. Look for a crib that has a natural wood finish or a white crib with some safari-themed details like animal carvings. Choose bedding with patterns featuring safari animals or jungle foliage. There are many options for safari-themed cribs, so pick one that will make your little one feel like sleeping in the middle of the African savannah. A good crib should also be sturdy and safe, so remember to look for certifications from safety organizations. Once you have your crib, you can start building the rest of the room around it.

A changing table is a must-have

As a new parent, you will quickly learn that a changing table is one of the most important items you’ll need in your nursery. It’s not just a convenient place to change diapers, but it can also provide storage space for your baby’s essentials. When choosing a changing table for your safari-themed nursery, make sure it’s sturdy and has enough storage for all your baby’s diapering needs. Consider choosing a table with drawers or shelves to keep your baby’s supplies within easy reach. You’ll want to quickly grab what you need without searching for it.

If you have limited space in your nursery, consider a changing table that doubles as a dresser. This will save you space and money in the long run. When decorating your changing table, consider adding a few safari-themed accents, such as a jungle animal changing pad cover or a fun animal print diaper caddy. These little touches can tie your nursery together and make it feel complete. Overall, a changing table is a must-have item in any nursery, especially a safari-themed one. Make sure you choose a sturdy and functional table that meets all your diapering needs and complements the overall design of your nursery.

A comfy chair for nursing or rocking

When designing your safari-themed nursery, it’s important to consider a comfortable seating option for both you and your little one. A nursery chair serves many purposes, from breastfeeding and bottle feeding to reading bedtime stories and cuddling. When selecting a chair, look for one with proper back support and a soft, plush cushion. You’ll also want to make sure it fits comfortably in the space you have designated for it. A glider or rocking chair is an excellent choice, as it will soothe your baby to sleep and provide a peaceful bonding experience.

Consider incorporating a matching ottoman to rest your feet on, allowing maximum relaxation during those late-night feedings. Remember, you’ll spend countless hours in this chair, so investing in a comfortable and functional one is well worth it.

Choosing a safari-themed fabric for the upholstery is also a fun way to tie the room’s theme together. Whether you choose a jungle print or a more subtle safari accent, a comfortable chair is a must-have for every safari-themed nursery.

A fun rug to tie the room together

When creating a safari-themed nursery, pay attention to the importance of a great rug! Not only does it add warmth and texture to the room, but it can also help tie everything together. Look for a rug with earthy tones like greens, browns, and beiges to capture that safari feel. Alternatively, you could opt for a rug that features animal prints, such as zebra stripes or cheetah spots. This can be a great way to incorporate a playful touch without going overboard. Be bold and choose a rug with a bold pattern – it can add visual interest and help break up any monotony in the space.

Ensure the rug is large enough to anchor the room and provide a cozy spot for baby to play or crawl. When it comes to materials, natural fibers like wool or jute can work well, as they are durable and easy to clean. Whatever you choose, make sure the rug is soft and comfortable for little feet (and hands!) to touch. With a great rug, your safari-themed nursery will feel complete and ready for adventure.

Wall art to complete the look

Once you’ve chosen your safari theme for your nursery, the next step is to find some nursery wall decor to tie everything together. This can be an enjoyable and creative process with many different options. One popular choice is to include framed photographs of animals you might see on a safari, like elephants, lions, zebras, or giraffes. You can depict the animals in realistic styles or opt for something more stylized or abstract. Another great option is to find some fun wall decals or stickers. These are an affordable and easy way to add visual interest to your walls, and there are many different styles and designs. You might select decals of trees, leaves, or vines to create a jungle vibe, or you might opt for a collection of animal stickers to create a playful and colorful space.

If you’re feeling particularly artistic, consider creating your wall art. This could involve painting your mural or canvas, using salvage wood to create a rustic feel, or using stencils or other techniques to create something unique. You might even involve your children, letting them make animal-themed artwork to hang in the room.

Finally, consider the finishing touches that will bring your safari-themed nursery together. This might include things like decorative animal figurines, colorful bedding, blankets, or even a collection of books about animals and wildlife. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your style and tastes and creates a warm and welcoming space for your little one to grow and thrive.

Creating a safari-themed nursery for your little one is fun and exciting, but it can sometimes be overwhelming. With these five must-haves, you can have a space that looks great and provides comfort and practicality for both you and your baby. From a sturdy crib to a fun rug and beautiful wall art, these elements will come together to make a room that your baby will love, and you’ll enjoy spending time in. And for an extra touch of nature, consider adding some plant vases to the room to bring a sense of the outdoors. With these essentials, your safari-themed nursery will surely be a roaring success!