Game Room

If you have a spare room or a basement that you’re planning on transforming into a one-of-a-kind space, a game room would be ideal. It is the ultimate get away in the comfort of your own home, a perfect place for the kids and adults alike to relax and have fun as well as gather guests of all ages to spend time together. Setting up and decorating a game room is quite different from the other areas in your home and you may need to get help from a professional during the process to come up with a theme, choose the right design elements and arrange furnishings while staying within your budget limit. Here are some helpful tips to build a perfect game room that your family will love.

Before deciding which furniture and accessories you’d like to put in your room, you first have to have a clear vision of the layout plan. Make sure to create a list of things you’d want to include in your space and then choose which ones will meet the available square footage. Remember that majority of standard game tables need to have at least 3 to 5 feet of open space around them. The space will feel confined without this extra space. Also, it is a good idea to ask family members which games they’ll have more fun with to narrow down your choices.

 2. Focus on a Family-Friendly Media Room

One of the most important elements in your game room area is comfortable seating. You can easily accommodate your immediate family and close friends as well if you have ample seating that are inviting and comfortable. You and your family can plan movie nights or even a guys’ night watching the big game. Aside from this, a family-friendly media room must also have adjustable lighting, where you can dim the lights accordingly and an amazing large screen TV with quality sounds that will complete your media room.

3. Set A Unique and Fun Theme

Deciding on a theme will make choosing your decor and furniture easier. This will also provide a more social ambiance that goes hand in hand with your typical game room environment. There are numerous unique and fun themes you can choose from, you can opt for a sports, western or even a 50s theme. After deciding which one you and your family like, this will set the pace on what type of decor and furnishing you will need, whether it is modern, classic or electric.

4. Go Big

Before, a game room was simply a room with a pool table, these days, it provides many other choices. For gaming families, having large screens for gaming consoles incorporated with comfortable seating and storage for popular game titles is important. Since a lot of entertainment systems are no longer costly, your only limitations are your imagination and floor space. Also, today’s game rooms may include a card table, ping pong table, dart board and even a shuffle board, as well as those games that can be found in recreation halls which give great results and enjoyment for all generations of the family.

5. Bar and Entertainment Area

A bar area needs more than just a counter space with seating. Modern bars of today are made to entertain guests of all ages and should include heavy-duty blenders for making smoothies or frozen cocktails, popcorn machines, wine cooler, storage for plates and glasses, microwaves and gourmet coffee machines. To add a more fun atmosphere in the space, add a small TV mounted on the wall and comfy well-padded swivel chairs.]

6. Décor

An amazing family game room includes a personal touch through its decor. You can decorate the room with movie posters if you’re a lover of classic movies, or if your family is a sports fanatic, it makes more sense to add team pennants or photos of your favourite sports team or athletes. Consider involving the entire family in the decor process by brainstorming themes with them and then voting which ones everyone loves. Every family member can help in achieving the make the winning theme come alive by contributing various accessories, helping to paint the space or doing other small tasks.

While a game room is typically considered as a “man cave” or a place for the “man of the house” to get some quiet time, transforming a room that everyone in the family will enjoy makes a lot of sense. It is also a good way for family members to bond by having game or movie nights and playing together fosters family communication.

Sarah Del Rosario is an aspiring interior designer and painter. When not working, she contributes articles at The Chicago Living.