When you are looking for a perfect look for your outdoor area, there is no better component than outdoor blinds. Outdoor blinds are the best solutions for protecting your patio or deck. These blinds block the sun rays and wind and keep away bugs. Outdoor blinds come in various materials, sizes, and styles, suiting budgets of all types. Two common outdoor blinds are zip track blinds and zip screen blinds.

Benefits of zip track blinds

Zip track blinds offer multiple benefits.

Protection: The topmost benefit of using outdoor blinds is the protection of outdoor furniture, plants, and other items from UV rays, wind, sun, and dust. With properly installed outdoor blinds, you can enjoy your outdoor space anytime. You can enjoy barbeque, a kid’s birthday, or a family get-together in your outdoor space if the area is covered with blinds. You will not be disturbed by flying debris, fallen leaves, or pesky pests while enjoying outdoor living.

Durability: Zip track blinds are made with high-quality materials. These materials are highly durable to withstand harsh weather conditions. So, investing in the right outdoor blinds is worthwhile as they remain functional for years.

Increased space: Zip track blinds help you create additional space in your outdoors. You can use this house extension as a living or entertainment area. You can move seamlessly between outdoor and indoor spaces with outdoor blinds. With outdoor blinds, your outdoor space can be used for weekend parties and family get-togethers or as a kid’s study room.

Pest Control:  You may get disturbed by mosquitoes, flies, and other insects while enjoying your outdoor space. The only way to keep these pests away and enjoy your outdoor time entirely is to install blinds. You will not need to use harmful sprays and insect repellents if you install outdoor blinds.

Privacy: You will have indoors with added privacy if you install outdoor blinds. When blinds are down, there will not be any need to close the curtains and block natural light from entering indoors. Zip track blinds are available in different materials and colours, which makes them an excellent choice to enhance indoor privacy.

Energy efficiency: Outdoor blinds also offer insulation properties. They do not allow cool air to go outside in the summer and keep warm air inside in the winter. So, the air conditioning machines are not needed for long hours as outdoor blinds provide natural air conditioning. So, you can save on the energy bills.

Aesthetic factor: Along with protection, increased energy efficiency, and enhanced privacy, outdoor blinds enhance the looks of your property. They give a versatile and sophisticated look to a property. Along with comfort, outdoor blinds add an extra aesthetic factor to your property.

Zip track blinds or zip screen blinds

You may find it difficult to choose between zip track blinds and zip screen blinds. Here is the comparison between them to help you choose the one that suits your needs the most.

  • Zip channels- It is better to invest in outdoor blinds that have the best overall finish and is highly durable. In zip screen blinds, the zip channels are covered as they are covered by aluminium sides, giving them a neat finish. The zip is not visible from the front. In zip track blinds, the channels are exposed.
  • Locking system: In a zip track blind, a centre locking mechanism can be operated from outside and inside. This is helpful in certain places, such as a balcony. The locks can be set up in many positions. Zip screen blinds have bottom side bolts and can be used inside and outside. But, in some installations, someone has to go out to lock or unlock it so that blind can be raised or lowered.
  • Price: Zip track blinds are cheaper compared to zip screen blinds.

Closing thoughts

Outdoor blinds, if chosen carefully, help you use your outdoor space throughout the year. There are endless options for outdoor blinds, so often, it becomes a difficult task to select the best one for your property. Zip track blinds are easy to install and use, which has made them the most popular choice for most homeowners.