Double Glazing Windows

If you’re considering new windows for your home, it’s important to think about the additional benefits your property will experience as a result. Replacing single-glazing or old double-glazing windows can present many impressive advantages, some of which people have no idea about.

As an affordable, reliable choice for new windows in the UK, double glazing is arguably the most popular option. Kenneth Hislop of Window Advice Centre – double glazing specialists in Glasgow – says that “although arranging for double glazing installation requires an initial investment, the large list of benefits prove it to be a priceless addition to your home”.

Thinking about buying new windows for your home? Here are 10 reasons to consider double glazing windows.

#1. Increased Energy Efficiency

Double glazing windows are expertly designed to increase the overall energy efficiency of your home. With better insulation, cool air is kept out and warm air is retained. As a result, your energy bills – especially during winter months – reduce significantly.

#2. Better Home Security

Traditional timber frames rot and splinter over time, making your home vulnerable and unsafe.  Double glazing – with two glass panes, sturdy frames and multiple locking mechanisms – can massively increase the security of your home simply by being installed.

#3. Noise Reduction

Single-glazed windows do not act as much of a deterrent to external noise, such as weather and traffic, however, double glazing windows do. With their insulative properties, double glazing windows reduce far more noise than single-glazed windows ever would.

#4. Long Lasting

Manufactured from sturdy materials, double glazing windows and their frames are built to last. In fact, quality double glazing windows can remain in top condition in excess of twenty years before they need to be replaced, which is why they are highly regarded as an investment, not an expense.

#5. Variety Of Colours & Finishes

Modern double glazing windows are available to purchase in a vast range of colours and finishes. From traditional white to contemporary anthracite grey, to everything in between, there are hundreds of options to meet your needs. Not only this, but there are options for UPVC double glazing windows now that offer a timber look, but with all the benefits and properties of UPVC!

#6. Professional Guarantees

Any reputable double glazing window company will supply and install your windows complete with a professional guarantee, most of which last for around ten years. This gives you the peace of mind that you’re covered in the event of any faults with the panes, frames or locking mechanisms.

#7. Bespoke Manufacture

Nowadays, many professional window companies have access to manufacturing facilities so that they are able to design and produce your ideal windows for you – colour, sizes, styles and finishes. Speak to your local window company to find out if they offer bespoke manufacture.

#8. Saving Money

With increased energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements, double glazing windows can save you a lot of time and money over a long period. Your energy bills will reduce and you do not have to constantly work on the necessary upkeep of your windows and their frames. Win-win.

#9. Different Styles Available

Double glazing windows are now widely available in a huge range of styles to suit your desired aesthetic. You can retain the classic appearance of your period property by selecting double glazing sash windows, or you can enhance the look of your modern property by installing double glazing bay and bow windows. The list is endless!

#10. Low Maintenance

Traditional wooden window frames require regular painting and treating to prevent any unnecessary damage. However, UPVC double glazing windows require very little maintenance to ensure that they retain their intended purpose and appearance.

Helpful? We Hope So!

Many homeowners still aren’t aware of just how many benefits there are with double glazing windows. If you are unsure as to which style of double glazing would best suit your property, or if you don’t know if you’d be able to order windows in the colour you would like, contact your local window company who would be able to make professional recommendations to meet you requirements and your budget.