An elegant style and design is what seems to explain the real meaning of French provincial. It is that style of late 17th century and early 18th century of the provincial aristocrats, residing in France. They might not have been that wealthy like the urban colleagues, but their styles are well ornate and even less expensive. So, for a classy looking design, this provincial furnishing item for french provincial bedroom is considered to be a best example. And the best part is that you do not even have to pay more for this style. It is the finest example of getting more in a low price range.


Best styles for You

Even before you plan to incorporate french provincial bedroom in your place, you might want to check out on the style first. There are loads of styles available from reputed online stores. Some of the magnificent ones are currently mentioned below:

  • For designing your contemporary guest bedroom, you can use blue walls with white bed. Furthermore, try adding medium toned hardwood flooring to go with the wall color.
  • Adding printed walls in your bedroom can help in accentuating the look of your provisional French style. A fine collection of white base with blue prints will work magically well for your interiors.
  • Adding cream or beige colored walls with matching furnishing items is best for a sophisticated touch to your place. Make sure to match the color of furnishing items accordingly.


Matching the Other Places

Even though the focus lies in french provincial bedroom, make sure to ornate your entire place in the same style. Just focusing towards French provincial style for bedroom and not anywhere else will look simply half cooked.

  • Try adding a class of French provincial beauty in your living and adjacent kitchen areas. Hardwood flooring with classic decorative kitchen tops will work magically to go with your French style.
  • Try to follow the Mediterranean open concept for the family room area. Make the colors pop out a little bit with beige walls and medium form of hardwood floors.
  • For a sleek and chic look to your bedroom, you have white colored beds, and matching wall. As French provincial was not too much of ornamental, therefore; little classic designs will add new meaning to your room.
  • You might want to add French door in your bedroom for providing direct access to backyard and deck. Try to incorporate V-groove ceilings in your master bedrooms and even in the hallways. It helps in accentuating the current look of your building style.

Working on Colors

When it is french provincial bedroom, you are mostly relying on the soft colors, like the white or beige complexions. The palette over here is mostly with a vintage or antique style to it. Some of the best chosen colors over here are blue green, ivory and raspberry in the lightest possible shades of all time. It can blend well with the original French provincial style and can also help in reflecting the current rural landscape in the best manner possible.


Fabrics to Work on

You need to be extra careful while listing out the fabric of materials, that will be used in french provincial bedroom. The local forms of natural fibers used are linen, woven wool and cotton. Some of the wealthy homeowners might want to add silk in their places, especially in master bedrooms. Adding embroidered pillows will help in enriching the current look of your place. Not just the pillows, but try to stitch out the bed linens in the same matching design, as that of pillows. All these points will definitely help you in giving a completely new look to your revamped bedroom, with a classic touch to it.