Sunday, 15 October 2017

Should Your House Feature a Waterbed?

The history of waterbeds traces back to the early 1800s. At first envisioned as medical devices, these revolutionary pieces of furniture soon acquired a great deal of popularity. The invention immediately attracted the world's attention. Award-winning writer Mark Twain, for instance, would dedicate an article to these beds in 1871. The text highlighted how high demand was in both infirmaries and churches.

The modern waterbed, though, would only see the light of day in the 1960s. In 1987, its inventor owned over 30 dedicated stores throughout the United States. Sales skyrocketed, covering about 20% of the national mattress industry.

With technology leaping forward and a good night sleep becoming increasingly more important, are waterbed still the right solution?

A Highly Viable and Dynamic Mattress

When it comes to sleeping, the right materials make a world of difference. Bed have existed ever since the birth of society, but comfort wouldn't always be a top priority. The medieval man often slept on plywood, hay and animal skins, but that doesn't mean that you should do the same!

In the next few lines, we'll see the which major advantages a waterbed can offer over a more traditional mattress.

  • Adaptability To All Kinds of Bodies: to ensure the best degree of comfort;
    While solid materials such as cotton, wool, and artificial foams tend to acquire specific shapes, fluids don't. Regardless of how much you use them, waterbeds will always respond to your weight in the same way. Your spine and muscles won't have to adapt to the surface that you're sleeping on. This eliminates soreness and allows you to rest more easily! 
  • Higher Durability and Sturdiness: to save you money in the long run;
    How often should you change your mattress? According to the National Sleep Foundation, the answer is every 5 to 10 years. As time goes by, the internal springs lose their elasticity. Soon, waking up feels as if you slept on a floppy slab of fabrics. Waterbeds, on the contrary, are subjected to no such thing. Simply add a touch of freshener to the mixture every six months and you can enjoy your mattress for decades!

  • Easier Cleaning and Maintenance: just in case something goes wrong;
    For those owning a traditional mattress, spillages are a nightmare. Drop a glass of your favorite soda and it will soak right through it. You now have no other option but that of stripping the bed and hanging everything out to dry. Fortunately, water-mattresses are much easier to clean and maintain. Simply wipe the surface down and you're all ready to go!

In Conclusion

While they might have lost a bit of their popularity over the years, these mattresses still remain an amazingly effective solution. Their adaptability, high durability, and ease of use make them perfect for people who live a dynamic life.

Whether you're suffering from back pains, have had enough with continuous expenses or simply wish to try something new, waterbeds are definitely the right choice for you! Believe us, you won't regret it!

Want to get your own but don't know where to start? Visit Alvin's Waterbeds in Perth and let us help you!

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

What Are the Benefits of Adding a Patio to Your Backyard?

A patio is the paved area outside of your home which is typically adjoined to the home and used as a recreational spot. Patios offer a pleasant way to enjoy the outdoors and extend your living space in a comfortable and appealing way. Patios offer a number of sought-after benefits that contribute to your home’s quality as well as your personal quality of life.

A Place to Unwind

Whether you are headed home from a long day at work or just want to spend a weekend relaxing with your family, your home gives you that place of comfort and solitude away from the busy world around you. A patio gives you a relaxing place to unwind and enjoy fresh air without being hit with the sun or rain.  Adding unique features such as a fireplace can add to this luxury.


The weather can be unpredictable at times, but this is no match for a covered patio! It would be a pity to allow a heat wave or rainstorm to prevent you from utilising your yard on your weekend off. With a covered patio, you can enjoy the heat from a place of shade and comfort. Additionally, a well-installed patio can prevent the inconveniences of rain for your outdoor get-together. Patios in Brisbane are great way to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort (or extension) of your home

An Area for Entertainment

An advantage of a custom patio is that it offers an excellent place for entertaining guests. Whether you’re planning a small get-together with friends and family or a BBQ, a patio provides a wonderful open outdoor area. This is especially true for those that have smaller houses. Adding a patio actually increases the amount of space you have to host guests.

Patios Add Value to Your Home

Along with the many advantages of relaxation and entertaining opportunities, adding a patio to your home can actually raise your home’s value considerably. When it comes time to sell your home, you can typically recover around 60% to 80% of the costs through your home’s resale value. Often times, the inclusion of an outdoor entertaining area can help you make the sale.

Patios offer a number of valuable benefits for your family, your lifestyle, and even your home’s value. Whether you are considering undertaking a patio rebuild or constructing something completely from scratch, a custom patio builder in Brisbane can help you make important patio decisions that will fit well with your home. If you are considering a patio installation in the near future, don’t wait! Contact your local patio contractor today.

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Friday, 8 September 2017

3 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Luxury Hotel

Los Angeles is all about glitz.  Hardly any city in the world has people trying harder to outdo each other with exquisite home décor.  There is a reason so many reality shows are set here.  If you think your fabulous decorating idea is too outrageous; Los Angeles interior designers have seen it all.  From sun rooms full of tropical plants to Victorian canopy beds, nothing is too over-the-top for interior designers.  Los Angeles homeowners have an image to uphold, after all.

Hotels are a great source of style inspiration.  Even if you don’t have your own reality TV show yet, here are some style ideas you can borrow from luxury hotels.

Water Features

The only thing more elegant than a fountain in the garden is a fountain inside the house.  Even more elegant is a waterfall separating your living room from your dining room.  Indoor waterfalls are a décor staple in elegant hotel restaurants.  If you don’t want to get wet, you could go for a strategically placed aquarium or fish pond instead.  You could even borrow a page from the Delano hotel on South Beach.  It has a floor to ceiling aquarium filled with jellyfish.

Elegant Curtains and Bedding

Impress your guests by splurging on elegant curtains and bedding for the guest bedroom.  A dark color scheme gives an especially luxurious look.  Use metallic accent colors for even more luxury appeal.

A Bar Separate from the Kitchen and Dining Room

Hotel bars do a lot to add to the feeling of luxury.  Imagine if your home had an area especially for happy hour.  Your home bar could be inside the house or on the patio.

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Monday, 28 August 2017

Maintenance Free Fencing and Gating for the Modern Home

Composite materials can offer the modern homeowner many benefits, and if you are looking for the perfect fencing and gating for your property, you couldn’t do any better than powder coated aluminium. The range of colours allows for creativity, and with a faux wood grain, you can recreate the rustic look without the maintenance that timber requires. Aluminium slat fencing and gating gives you both privacy and visibility, and with custom designs, you decide just how that balance is achieved.

A One Shop Solution

Ideally, if you wish to change your fencing and gating, or are in the process of building your dream home, there are online specialists who can customise fencing to suit. With their design expertise, they might be able to make some suggestions that you had not been aware of, and this type of company would be able to design, build, and install bespoke fencing and gating that perfectly complements your home. For Western Australians, there is quality fence and gate installation in Perth, and the service is second to none.

Slat Design

Frameless slat fencing is perhaps the most common style for a contemporary home, and with powder coated aluminium, your fencing can handle anything the Australian climate can conjure up, and never requires maintenance. Alternatively, if you prefer to have a frame, the posts can be made to measure and fitted along with the fencing and gating. Although there are standard slat widths, an established supplier would be able to create fencing and gating to the client’s specific measurements, and with a range of colours, anything is possible.

Aero Screens

This is an attractive alternative to traditional slat fencing, as the slats are angled, giving you the shutter look. Made to measure means you can choose the angle and width of the aerofoil blades, and with a choice of framed or frameless, you can create the right image for your exterior.

Gating Solutions

Pedestrian gates are required for easy access, and these should match the fencing of course, and with quality fixtures and fittings, your gates will always perform well, and require no maintenance. Opening styles would be discussed beforehand, and the great thing about bespoke design is you call the shots, and having an in-house design team draw up the plans, you can rest assured the design will be ideal. The locking systems would incorporate a double locking mechanism with a limited lifetime warranty, so home security is not compromised in any way. The hinges are equally solid and need no lubrication, which makes for a maintenance free set up, something every homeowner is looking for.

Fencing and gating play a major role in how the property looks, and with the right design, it is possible to transform the ambience of any property. The Internet has given us many benefits, and sourcing essential products and services is just one, and with an online search, you can locate the perfect company to quote for the job.

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Here Is a Simple Way to Give Your Living Space or Exterior a Whole New Look

Sometimes you do not need to switch out your room’s fittings or even change the furniture. You can enhance the looks of your living space in terms of light, comfort, and privacy by simply adding Venetian blinds. You might also opt for other treatments, such as aluminium shutters, plantation shutters, panel blinds, or honeycomb blinds for the interior or exterior of your house.


Add Beauty and Richness to Your Living Space

If you want to add beauty and richness to your living area, Venetian blinds made of timber are always a good choice. Designers recommend that you place these blinds in such areas as the bedroom, family room, or living room.

Added Light Control and Privacy

Whilst timber Venetian blinds in Perth can be used to upgrade traditional or contemporary décor, you can also use aluminium blinds as a modern treatment in such areas as living rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms. Whichever treatment you choose, you will be rewarded with added light control and extra privacy.


Venetian blinds made of timber are generally manufactured from trees such as basswood or cedar. They also come in a wide array of stains and colours. If you want a more affordable blind, you can opt to buy one in imitation wood. Whatever type of blind you choose, it is coated with a sun protectant. The UV coating enables the blinds to stand up to the harshness of the Australian sun.

Basswood Blinds

The basswood used in Venetian blinds comes from the Linden tree. The hardwood features a low grain factor and pale hue, all which makes it ideal for staining or painting.

Canadian Red Cedar Blinds

On the other hand, the cedar that is used for timber Venetian blinds comes from the Canadian Western Red Cedar tree. These blinds show a soft, red-brownish tone and convey a pleasant scent as well. The wood for the blinds is resistant to all kinds of decay.

Imitation Wood

When you select blinds that are made of imitation wood, they are made from polystyrene (PS) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials. This low-maintenance window treatment works out well in humid venues, and therefore is suggested for kitchens and bathrooms.

Strict Quality Control

Regardless of the type of blind you purchase, its premium quality promises that it is made under strict guidelines with respect to quality control. As a result, a large volume of blinds can be produced without compromising their overall durability or integrity.

Panel Blinds

Besides Venetian-style blinds, you may also be interested in panel blinds, which offer a stylish and modern diversion to your décor. The blinds feature an aluminium track and panels that glide effortlessly into place.

Panel blinds are normally placed before sliding doors or wider windows. You can also use these blinds as a room divider by affixing them to the ceiling. These types of blinds enable you to create your own bespoke look by matching various colours and designs on a single track. Select from a one-way access or a centre opening.

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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Why Would You Decorate Your Home with Window Roller Shutters?

Doors and windows are a very important part of the architecture. They are not only functionally important but also add to the aesthetics of a house. Some are huge single panel sliding ones while others are wooden, small and commonly found ones. Windows have always remained an important part from the architectural point of view. The Roman architecture, the English architecture, or any other form of architecture can be distinguished by having a look at the windows alone. Now security has become a major concern for homeowners because of increased rate of burglary. In this case, window and the doors are the most prominent area where intruders can easily get access and you must install some strong window roller shutters to protect these intruders and keep your family safe and secure.

Window Roller Shutters

The concept of utility in the modern architecture and window roller shutters

In modern times, architecture is more about utility. Every bit of a house or any functional space is designed in such a way as to provide maximum utilization of space. Window roller shutters do not require any additional space in your house, and you can easily operate these shutters with a remote-control system. Apart from that, you can easily maintain these shutters in a normal way, and these window roller shutters can prevent sun heat during summer time and keep your rooms cool. So, these shutters can save your power consumption bill and these window shutters can also protect your window panes from harsh climate and humidity level.

Window Roller Shutters

Why are window roller shutters so important?

  • While windows are mostly meant to be used for letting the air in and out of the house and provide a view of the outside world it should also be kept in mind that this space should be well protected against burglary or house break. They are the weakest zone of a house. Thus, these window roller shutters come into play. They are very sturdy and not prone to be broken easily. These shutters are mostly designed with aluminum sheet, raw metal, and alloy. So, it is very hard to break these shutters by intruders and these shutters can also provide you 100% privacy level.
  • Rolling back and forth a window roller shutter is extremely easy. These horizontal bars are hinged together. The material used in making these window roller shutters vary. Some are made of steel, some are made of wood, and others are made of aluminum or other metals. Metal ones though sturdy is susceptible to rusting and other damages caused by the passage of time and the environment. you can also opt for the automatic window shutters and you can operate these shutters with a remote control only.
  • Moreover, they are also important in keeping the privacy of the people living in the space safely. They protect us against people who may peep to see what is going on in the house. These window roller shutters are also an important in-home improvement.
  • These shutters often have insulations in between. This helps in keeping the house insulated always. In winters, it will not let the heat escape from inside and in summers it will not let the heat get in from outside. This is a boon in disguise.
  • These shutters are mostly made of dust proof materials and thus, are not very tough to clean. It also protects against noise. This means it provides noise insulation.

Window Roller Shutters

It may also control the amount of light entering the house. It is also an excellent protection against the harmful ultraviolet radiations. So now you can easily install these window roller shutters in your home and choose some decorative and colorful shutters for your home improvement

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Monday, 15 May 2017

6 Different Styles of Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Renovating your kitchen is an expensive affair. You can think of doing this one by one. Small changes can make all the difference to the looks and functionality. Let us talk about changing just the kitchen cupboard doors and benefit from this. This works out to be affordable and offers a sleek look to the entire kitchen. Some of the benefits of replacing the kitchen cupboard doors are listed below.

Kitchen Cupboard Doors

  • This is a cost-effective solution and provides a new look to your kitchen.
  • A total renovation of a kitchen is tedious and time-consuming. Replacing the kitchen cupboard doors takes only about 2 day’s maximums.
  • This job can be DIY even if the homeowner has only the basic knowledge of how to fix the doors.
  • Replacement of these doors is less problematic. That is if you can make the right choice of the doors.
  • Shopping for these doors is easy, as they are available online in multiple designs and styles.
  • The replacement of kitchen cupboard doors is available with a warranty, making this a safe buy.

Styles of Kitchen Cupboard Doors:

With the passing time, you have multiple choices of the kitchen cupboard doors. Before opting for a specific one ensures that it can meet up to the requirement and the style of the kitchen.

#1. Louvered Style:

Horizontal slats are ideal for the kitchen cupboard doors. They offer a unique look, which can be termed as elegant. The spaces between the slats can provide the required ventilation, which is a ‘must’ for the specific kitchen cupboards.

Kitchen Cupboard

#2. Inset Style:

The inset style doors are long lasting and durable, though expensive. This style is termed as ‘inset,’ as these are set inside the cabinets and is constructed and designed with precise measurements. This enables the door to close and open even when it faces expansion. The only requirement of these types of doors is that the hinges need to be exposed.

#3. Flat Style:

This is a simple style. Thus, tends to work out cost-effective and affordable. It is ideal for contemporary and modern kitchen due to its minimalistic form. You can find these doors in wood or decorative laminate. Opting for laminate works out affordable and you also get a choice of different colors.

#4. Shaker Style:

This shaker style is a flat panel with five pieces. This consists of a single panel, which is flat and placed in the center with four panels additionally. This is a simple design, which can blend well with a decor of any kitchen. This style of the kitchen cupboard doors works well with all types of budgets depending on the material of the wood chosen.

#5. Distressed Style:

Easily available distressed cabinet doors offer an antique look to the kitchen. Choose your style of the kitchen cupboard doors in accordance with the look of your kitchen and your budget.

#6. Thermo Foil Style:

This style has doors molded out of fibreboard of medium density. You can count on the strength of these doors due to its making style. These are baked under extreme heat conditions after it is wrapped in a coating, which is a plastic type. You find these in imitation wood grain and solid colors. Though these types of doors tend to fit into most budgets, you need to be aware that repairing these might be a problematic task.

Choosing the Kitchen Cupboard Doors:

As there are multiple choices available in these doors, it is important to find a manufacturer, who can offer you the different choices. Browsing through the different styles of these doors, you can check out the prices and the craftsmanship, stressing on the quality factor.

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